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Oct. 23, 2018
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Minutes for SB5 - Committee on Transportation

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Making certain individuals eligible for restricted driving privileges.

Minutes Content for Thu, Jan 26, 2017

Scott Wells, Office of the Revisor, gave an overview on this bill.  This bill relates to eligibility for restricted driver's licenses to persons whose driver's license expire while suspended due to failure to pay traffic violations.   This bill would remove the exclusion of a person who had previously received a citation as a result of a driving while suspended conviction.  Mr. Wells stood for questions.

Chairperson Petersen asked if there were amendments to the bill.

Senator Pettey moved, seconded by Senator Fitzgerald, to add an amendment (Attachment 2) pertaining to driving directly to and from religious services.  The motion carried.

Senator Petersen moved, seconded by Senator Schmidt, for an amendment (Attachment 3) to prohibit repeat users after June 30, 2017. The motion carried.

The date of June 30, 2017 is used since the bill is effective July 1, 2017 and the person could not be a repeat offender.  Jessica Ross, Driver Solutions Manager, KDOR, noted neither of these amendments would conflict with what is currently in place.  She also provided information pertaining to questions asked by Committee members on January 19 (Attachment 4).

Currently, noted Senator Pettey, there is a 90-day waiting period in the law to regain a license after one has been voluntarily relinquished, and it was suggested less time is needed in order to return to work.  Senator Schmidt asked why change since there were no requests to shorten that time period and she understands this is arbitrary.  Senator Pettey said when a driver's license is relinquished because of health reasons, the person has to wait 90 days.  Mr. Wells noted the 90 days is effective for anyone who receives a citation for driving while suspended.  Senator Fitzgerald said someone decided a 90-day period was appropriate as a deterrent to behavior for which a license is suspended and he sees no reason to reduce it.  Senator Schmidt said, for a license relinquished for health reasons, this could be changed to 60 days.

Senator Pettey moved for an amendment (Attachment 5) changing the 90 days to 60 days.  Due to lack of time, discussion on this bill will resume at the next meeting.  A distributed proposed amendment will be redone.