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Nov. 23, 2017
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Minutes for SB52 - Committee on Public Health and Welfare

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Adding and amending substances included in schedules I, II and IV of the uniform controlled substances act.

Minutes Content for Tue, Jan 24, 2017

Chairperson Schmidt opened the hearing on SB52

Scott Abbott, Revisor of Statutes, reviewed SB52 for the committee.


Dwain Worley, Drug Chemistry Section at the Kansas Bureau of Investigation's Forensic Science laboratory, testified in support SB52 stating under both the federal and state uniform controlled substances acts, there are five schedules, or list of drugs. Schedule I drugs are those determined to have a high potential for abuse with no currently accepted medical use while Schedule V drugs are those with a low potential for abuse and a currently accepted medical use. (Attachment 1)

Sarah Hill testified in support of SB52 noting that these amendments are critical to the health and safety of Kansas citizens.  The Kansas County & District Attorneys Association supports SB52 and respectfully asks the Committee to recommend it favorably for passage. (Attachment 2)

Alexandra Blasi, The Kansas Board of Pharmacy, spoke to the committee in support of SB52.  She noted that these amendments include vital updates to the Kansas Uniform Controlled Substances Act to protect Kansas citizens. (Attachment 3)

Written Proponents:

Ed Klump, Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police Chiefs, Kansas Sheriffs Association and Kansas Peace Officers Association offered written testimony in support of SB52. (Attachment 4)


Nick Reinecker, gave testimony in opposition to SB52. He asked that there be an amendment to de-schedule cannabis from the controlled substances act. (Attachment 5)

The hearing on SB52 was closed.