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Nov. 20, 2018
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Minutes for HB2195 - Committee on Health and Human Services

Short Title

Powers, duties and functions of the board of examiners in fitting and dispensing of hearing instruments transferred to secretary for aging and disability services.

Minutes Content for Mon, Feb 13, 2017

The Chairperson opened the hearing on HB2195.

Norm Furse, Revisor Ermeritus, Office of the Revisor of Statutes, explained the contents of HB2195.

The following conferees appeared before the committee as a proponent, or opponent, or presented written testimony:


John Ferraro, Professor, Chair, Hearing and Speech Department, University of Kansas Medical Center (Attachment 4);

Susie Ternes, Executive Director, Kansas Speech-Language Hearing Association (Attachment 5);

Kevin Ruggle, Audiologist, Hearing Doctors of Kansas (Attachment 6);

Kelly Selznick, Program Director, Deaf Community Health (Attachment 7).

Written proponents:

Stacey Baldwin, Audiologist (Attachment 8);

Susan E. Smittkamp, Audiologist, Associated Audiologists (Attachment 9);

Danielle Dorner, Audiologist, Associated Audiologists (Attachment 10);

James Wise, Ph.D., University of Kansas Medical Center (Attachment 11);

Lucy Crabtree, Lawrence, Kansas (Attachment 12);

Katie Petrosky, Audiology Extern, Associated Audiologists (Attachment 13);

Gail Richard, President, American Speech-Language Hearing Association (Attachment 14);

Samuel Bittel, Audiologist, Hearing and Balance Specialists of Kansas City (Attachment 15);

Theresa Schroder, Audiologist  (Attachment 16);

Timothy Steele, Audiologist, Lenexa, Kansas (Attachment 17);

Linda Erickson, Senior Audiologist, Associated Audiologists (Attachment 18);

Lisa Battani, Audiologist, Director, Hearing Aid Program (Attachment 19);

Molly Lyon, Audiologist, Speech Language Pathologist, Wichita, Kansas (Attachment 20);

Steve Irwin, Director, Health Occupations Credentialing, Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (Attachment 21), (Attachment 22).


Ron Hein, Legislative Counsel, Kansas Hearing Society (Attachment 23);

Zack Miller, Audiologist, Southeast Kansas (Attachment 24);

Haris Zafar, Hearing Instrument Specialist, Wichita State University (Attachment 25).

Written opponents:

Kimberly Bell, Audiologist, American Academy of Audiologists (Attachment 26);

John Lang, Hearing Instrument Specialist, Western Kansas (Attachment 27);

Sherry DuPerier, Audiologist, Hearing Aid Specialist (Attachment 28);

Michael Grogan, Government Affairs Manager, International Hearing Society (Attachment 29);

Lonnie Larson, Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist, Manager, Larson Enterprises (Attachment 30);

Irene Wagner, Executive Director, Kansas Hearing Society (Attachment 31);

Conner Hilderman Patient Care Manager, Professional Hearing Aid Associates (Attachment 32);

Paul Rowden, Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist, Beltone Hearing Centers (Attachment 33);

Monty Cruse, Owner, Miracle-Ear, Wichita, Kansas (Attachment 34);

Harry Hilderman, Professional Hearing Aid Associates (Attachment 35),

Neutral: None

The Chairperson closed the hearing on HB2195 after all questions were answered.