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Jan. 17, 2018
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Minutes for SB157 - Committee on Federal and State Affairs

Short Title

Kansas highway patrol; immigration agreement.

Minutes Content for Wed, Feb 15, 2017

Chairperson LaTurner opened the hearing on SB 157.

Moriah Day spoke in the absence of Secretary of State Kobach stating that Missouri, Florida and Alabama have agreements similar to those proposed in SB 157 (Attachment 1).

Samantha Poetter supports SB 157 because of the illegal drug traffic (Attachment 2).

Dennis Vixby spoke of his daughter Amanda being killed in a car crash with an undocumented person who ran a stoplight.  Dennis did not submit written testimony.

Barb Paulus submitted written testimony in support of SB 157 (Attachment  3).

Representative Ponka-We Victors is opposed to SB 157 because of the communities she represents.  Even when she is stopped by the Kansas state troopers, she must prove she is an American citizen (Attachment 4).

Representative John Alcala opposes SB 157 asking how can we fund this mandate.  Representative Alcala did not supply any written testimony.

Representative Ruiz also opposes SB 157 stating that there was no record of the Secretary of State contacting Homeland Security. The representative also did not supply any written testimony.

Claudia Yaujar-Amaro opposes SB 157.  She is undocumented but has a green card.  Her husband was arrested for a traffic violation and returned to Mexico for 7 years (Attachment 5).

Jenny Tavares opposes SB 157.  She worked for the state of Kansas over 34 years as an advocate for migrant farm workers (Attachment 6).

Ed Peterson appeared on behalf of Carol Marinovich to oppose SB 157 and the undue burden on communities (Attachment 7).

Raymond Rico opposes SB 157 because the enforcement of immigration law is a federal responsibility (Attachment  8).

Rabbi Moti Rieber opposes SB 157.  The bill mandates that local law enforcement do the work of federal law enforcement (Attachment  9).

Eric Stafford believes that this is a federal problem not a state problem so it is costly to the state(Attachment 10).

Rev. Meek is an evangelical pastor in Kansas City, KS who opposes SB 157 because state resources are being used to do federal work.  In Kansas City, KS, immigrants are driving the economy and a decrease in crime (Attachment  11).

Janice Bradley opposes SB 157 because it saddles overworked Kansas Highway Patrol officers with responsibilities to enforce federal immigration laws (Attachment  12).

Lindsay Espinosa opposes SB 157 because police officers will be doing the work of immigration officials (Attachment  13).

Cynthia Bautista is opposed to SB 157 because the Kansas highway patrol is doing federal work (Attachment  14).

Benet Magnuson opposes SB 157 in written testimony stating that SB 157 is a costly solution in search of a problem that doesn't exist (Attachment  15).

Melinda Lewis also opposes SB 157 in written testimony (Attachment  16).

Sister Janice Thome in written testimony states that we would need far more Kansas Highway Patrol officers to enforce federal immigration law  and the training to do so (Attachment  17).

Tucker Stewart in written testimony says that SB 157 is unnecessary and will likely cost Kansas taxpayers money to enforce federal law (Attachment  18).

Katie Chiaverini writes that SB 157 is neither pro-family nor pro-child (Attachment  19).

Amy Herman writes in opposition to SB 157 (Attachment  20).

William Sharma-Crawford spoke from a neutral position.  He had questions about the language of SB 157(Attachment 21).

The Kansas Highway Patrol supplied written testimony from a neutral position (Attachment  22).

Chairperson LaTurner closed the hearing on SB 157.