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Jan. 16, 2018
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Minutes for SB158 - Committee on Federal and State Affairs

Short Title

Prohibiting adoption of sanctuary policies by cities, counties and state agencies.

Minutes Content for Wed, Feb 15, 2017

Chairperson LaTurner opened the hearing on SB 158.

Moriah Day spoke for the Secretary of State in favor of SB 158 and about sanctuary policy (Attachment  23).

Samantha Poetter spoke in favor of sanctuary cities and in favor of SB 158 (Attachment  24).

Barb Paulus submitted written testimony in support of SB 158 (Attachment  25).

Claudia Yaujar-Amaro continued talking about her family and their return from Mexico. She also spoke of her opposition to SB 158 (Attachment  26).

Raymond Rico of the ACLU of Kansas vigorously opposes SB 158.  It creates new unfunded mandates, distractions, liabilities, and risks for cities and counties (Attachment 27).

Rabbi Moti Rieber stated that SB 158 is an overreach by state government.  It breaks up the family.  It is expensive(Attachment 28).

Nathan Eberline opposes SB 158 so  counties can continue enforcement without an inflexible state mandate(Attachment 29).

Eric Stafford opposes SB 158 because the federal government is addressing these issues.  Also the legislation will likely direct resources away from priorities for Kansas and cost taxpayers more money(Attachment 30).

Rev. Meek is opposed to SB 158.  Immigrants are not a threat, they partnership with local police and citizens(Attachment 31).

Janice Bradley opposes SB 158 because in criminal cases it is impossible to get witnesses(Attachment 32).

Rev. Anderson stated that there is not one declared sanctuary city in Kansas(Attachment 33).

Guadalupe Magdaleno opposes SB 158, it will be very costly for the citizens of Kansas if it is passed(Attachment 34).

Because she had to return to the House, Representative Ponka-We Victors' testimony was written in opposition to SB 158(Attachment 35).

Lindsay Espinosa gave oral testimony against SB 157, but gave written testimony against SB 158(Attachment 36).

Cynthia Bautista also gave oral testimony against SB 157 but gave written testimony against SB 158(Attachment 37).

Benet Magnuson gave written opposition to SB 158(Attachment 38).

Melinda Lewis supplied written opposition to SB 158(Attachment 39).

Sister Janice Thome supplied written opposition to  SB 158(Attachment 40).

Katie Chiaverini supplied written opposition to SB 158(Attachment 41).

Sheriff Jeff Easter from Sedgwick County submitted neutral testimony and they propose that if any city or county incurs liability the /State of Kansas will reimburse the city or county that incurred the cost(Attachment 42).

William Sharma-Crawford said that the presence of overstaying their visa was not a crime requiring incarceration(Attachment 43).

Eric Smith offered testimony with concerns as a neutral conferee(Attachment 44).

The hearing on SB 158 was closed.