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Nov. 25, 2020
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Minutes for SB275 - Committee on Transportation

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Eligibility requirements for restricted driving privileges and exclusion from the additional 90-day wait period.

Minutes Content for Wed, Mar 11, 2020

Staff explained the bill.


Chairman Proehl recognized Senator Faust-Goudeau.(Attachment 9) According to the Senator a law had been passed allowing individuals with a suspended drivers' license to apply for a restricted license and pay a non-refundable fee to drive to work, school, church, court and to doctor appointments while maintaining car insurance and making payments on traffic fines.  SB275 would amend the law regarding penalties for driving with a suspended license. 

The next proponent was Representative Finney. (Attachment 10) According to Representative Finney SB275 would remove the requirement that an individual who is found to be driving on a suspended or revoked license would receive an additional suspension or revocation period of 90 days and remove the requirement that in order for an individual to qualify for a restricted driver's license, the individual could not have previously received a stayed suspension upon a conviction of driving while suspended.

Marilyn Harp was the next proponent. (Attachment 11) She said KS Legal Services has worked on behalf of the low income clients to reduce the burdens that being poor has placed on their lives.  She said one of significant burdens is traffic fines.  Because the law sets a standard fine without regard to the income of the person being fined, the impact is much greater on a low income person. Then when the person can't pay the fine, they face the further consequence of an immediate driver's license suspension.

The next proponent was Ed Klumpp. (Attachment 12) He said the associations he represents support SB275 as amended by the Senate. Mr. Klumpp said they agree that changes can be made to make the law remain an effective tool but to address unnecessary burdens on the people involved. They feel the provision to allow for suspended drivers to operate a vehicle in limited circumstances through a restricted driver's license status is a good provision in existing law.

Written only testimony in support of SB275 by Joey Hentzler, Kansas Appleseed. (Attachment 13)

The Chairman asked if there were any other proponents, opponents or neutrals desiring to speak to this bill.  No one stepped forward so the Chairman closed the hearing on SB275.


The Chairman announced that the next meeting will be March 12th and the Committee will take Final Action on:  SB275, SB288, SB302, SB305, SB306, SB315, SB326 and SB342.


There being no further business before the Committee the meeting was adjourned.