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April 18, 2019
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2019 Laws Report

Bills Approved By Governor

SB9 - Bill by Senators Baumgardner, Alley, Billinger, Braun, Denning, Estes, Goddard, Hilderbrand, Kerschen, Lynn, Masterson, Olson, Petersen, Pilcher-Cook, Rucker, Suellentrop, Tyson, Wilborn
Authorizing the transfer of $115,000,000 from the state general fund to the Kansas public employees retirement fund during fiscal year 2019.
SB16 - Bill by K-12 Education Budget
House Substitute for SB 16 by Committee on K-12 Education Budget – Making appropriations for the department of education for FY 2020 and FY 2021 in response to litigation; increasing BASE aid for certain school years; and other amendments related to education.
SB17 - Bill by Transportation
Requiring class M driver's licenses when operating a motorcycle registered under a temporary permit.
SB39 - Bill by Transportation
Compensation for warranty services under the vehicle dealers and manufacturers licensing act.
SB40 - Bill by Transportation
Removing expired warning provision for approach of an emergency vehicle traffic violation.
SB41 - Bill by Transportation
Clarifying that a violation of the statute requiring seat belt use is a traffic infraction.
SB59 - Bill by Senator Holland
Eudora community library district act.
SB60 - Bill by Commerce
Amending Kansas real estate commission licensing provisions for brokers and sales persons.
SB68 - Bill by Utilities
Prohibiting cities from requiring a valid contract franchise ordinance for the provision of wireless telecommunications services.
SB69 - Bill by Utilities
Substitute for SB 69 by Committee on Utilities - Requiring an electric rate study of certain electric utilities.
SB71 - Bill by Education
Eliminating the expiration of the postsecondary technical education authority and requiring a report to the legislature.
SB77 - Bill by Judiciary
Requiring the department for children and families to offer services to children with problem sexual behavior and to such child's family.
SB82 - Bill by Financial Institutions and Insurance
Updating the state banking code.
SB90 - Bill by Commerce
Extending the tax credit under the center for entrepreneurship act to financial institutions and increasing the annual tax credit limit for all contributors.
SB94 - Bill by Transportation
Establishing a minimum course duration for motor vehicle accident prevention courses.
SB97 - Bill by Transportation
Division of vehicles registering fleet vehicles.
SB105 - Bill by Ethics, Elections and Local Government
Elections; cities; date for taking office.
SB128 - Bill by Education
Requiring at least nine safety drills to be conducted by schools each year including fire, tornado and crisis drills.
SB130 - Bill by Ethics, Elections and Local Government
Substitute for Senate Bill 130 by the Committee on Ethics, Elections and Local Government—Permitting persons voting an advance ballot to correct a signature deficiency, permitting any county to allow voting at any polling place on election day, establishing June 1 as the filing deadline for municipalities where a primary is not required, providing flexibility for when township officers take the oath of office, providing flexibility for school districts for the election of officers and establishing the schedule for meetings and allowing the question of changing the method of election or voting plan to be held at any primary or general election as well as at a special election.
SB199 - Bill by Education
Creating the AO-K to work program that allows certain adults to earn high school equivalency credentials by participating in career pathway oriented postsecondary classes.
HB2001 - Bill by Representative Hoffman
Amending the sunset and assessment rates for the remediation reimbursement program.
HB2007 - Bill by Transportation
Senate Substitute for HB 2007 by Committee on Transportation - Authorizing certain toll projects for new projects or expanded capacity with approval from local units of government, the KTA and the state finance council; changing the requirement to fully fund toll projects solely through toll revenue.
HB2031 - Bill by Joint Pensions, Investments and Benefits
Retirement and pensions; amending definition of "service-connected" in KP&F system; empowering KPERS board to develop procurement, contracting and travel policies and procedures; providing two-year waiting period for KPERS membership for certain positions in community developmental disability organizations; exempting positions employed by Kansas STARBASE program from working after retirement requirements; allowing waiver of working after retirement penalties and authorizing reimbursement of certain suspended retirement benefits; providing DROP membership to KBI agents and extending sunset date for DROP.
HB2035 - Bill by Federal and State Affairs
Providing uniformity in the issuance of citations for violations of the Kansas cereal malt beverage act by ABC.
HB2038 - Bill by Judiciary
Revoking spousal inheritance rights upon divorce.
HB2039 - Bill by Judiciary
Extending recognition of tribal court judgments pursuant to supreme court rules.
HB2044 - Bill by Commerce, Labor and Economic Development
Income tax credit for taxpayer purchases of certain goods and services from qualified vendors providing employment for blind or disabled individuals.
HB2070 - Bill by Transportation
Designating a portion of United States highway 75 as the John Armstrong memorial highway and a bridge on United States highway 77 as the SGT Kevin A. Gilbertson memorial bridge.
HB2084 - Bill by Energy, Utilities and Telecommunications
Amending the Kansas 911 act.
HB2085 - Bill by Agriculture
Concerning requirements for the reinstatement of a forfeited benefit unit of a rural water district.
HB2087 - Bill by Transportation
Allowing certain light screening material on motor vehicle windows.
HB2097 - Bill by Judiciary
Providing method for calculating cost of keeping civil prisoners in county jail.
HB2101 - Bill by Financial Institutions and Pensions
Updating state credit union statutes.
HB2103 - Bill by Children and Seniors
Amending the revised Kansas code for care of children to provide requirements for placement of a child in a qualified residential treatment program.
HB2104 - Bill by Judiciary
Amendments related to driving under the influence, including preliminary screening tests, implied consent advisories and test refusal.
HB2119 - Bill by Financial Institutions and Pensions
Providing for licensed pharmacists to administer certain drugs, authorizing certain business entities to hire physicians and chiropractors and requiring electronic prescriptions for opiates.
HB2123 - Bill by Veterans and Military
Amending the Kansas national guard educational assistance act.
HB2125 - Bill by Transportation
Requiring licensees operating a motor vehicle to promptly deliver driver's license upon demand by authorized persons.
HB2126 - Bill by Transportation
Regulating the operation of electric-assisted scooters on roads and highways.
HB2127 - Bill by Transportation
Eliminating the marking requirements for certain truck and truck tractors.
HB2144 - Bill by Representative Williams
Requiring community colleges to publish certain taxpayer and student transparency data.
HB2167 - Bill by Agriculture and Natural Resources
Senate Substitute for HB 2167 by Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources - Establishing a commercial industrial hemp program.
HB2174 - Bill by Commerce, Labor and Economic Development
Extending the sunset date of the state use law for five years.
HB2177 - Bill by Insurance
Updating accounting and reporting requirements of hedging transactions, risk-based capital instructions and enterprise risk reports and updating definitions for fraudulent insurance acts.
HB2178 - Bill by Judiciary
Amending the Kansas underground utility damage prevention act.
HB2188 - Bill by Local Government
Dissolving the White Clay watershed district no. 26, city of Atchison assumes obligations and amending the tax lid relating to the dissolution of any taxing subdivision.
HB2191 - Bill by Judiciary
Amending the procedure for execution of a search warrant for electronically stored information.
HB2201 - Bill by Health and Human Services
Updating statutory references necessitated by 2012 executive reorganization order no. 41 related to administration of tuberculosis programs.
HB2211 - Bill by Judiciary
Allowing judges to waive or reduce driver's license reinstatement fees.
HB2214 - Bill by Transportation
Senate Substitute for HB 2214 by Committee on Transportation - Providing for an increase in registration fees for electric and hybrid vehicles.
HB2215 - Bill by Agriculture
Kansas state fair board is authorized to create a nonprofit corporation for the benefit of the state fair.
HB2225 - Bill by Transportation
Senate Substitute for HB 2225 by Committee on Transportation - Providing for an increase in permit fees for oversize or overweight vehicles and required registration for escort vehicle service operators.
HB2365 - Bill by Judiciary
Providing for confidential communications of Kansas national guard members in peer support counseling sessions.

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