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Aug. 8, 2022
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Minutes for HB2196 - Committee on Commerce, Labor and Economic Development

Short Title

Changing provisions of the employment security law, including creation of the unemployment compensation modernization and improvement council, development of a new unemployment insurance information technology system, provision of tax information to claimants, publication of trust fund data, the maximum benefit period, the charging of employer accounts for benefits paid, employer contribution rate determination and schedules, abolishment of the employment security interest assessment fund, crediting of employer accounts for fraudulent or erroneous payments, transfers from the state general fund to the unemployment insurance trust fund for improper benefit payments, changes to the shared work compensation program and other unemployment trust fund provisions.

Minutes Content for Thu, Feb 18, 2021

Chairman Tarwater opened for final action on HB2196.

Representative Long moved to pass HB2196 favorably.   Representative  Carpenter seconded. 

Representative Xu moved to amend the bill to strike out information technology. Representative Clayton seconded. (Attachment 1)

Discussion ensued.

Representative Long moved to make a substitute amendment.  Representative Sutton seconded.

Assistant Revisor Charles Reimer explained the amendment that would add "including but not limited to."

The motion passed.

Representative Hoffman moved to amend the bill in regards to employers and fraudulent claims.  Representative Williams seconded. The motion passed. (Attachment 2)

Representative Hoffman moved to amend the bill changing member size from 11 to 13 members. Representative Long seconded. (Attachment 3)

Representative Awerkamp moved to amend the bill to dissolve the council after three years   Representative Sutton seconded. (Attachment 4)

Discussion ensued. 

Following discussion, it was suggested to hold off on this amendment. The amendment was withdrawn.

Representative Highland moved to amend the  the effective date of the bill. Representative Miller seconded. (Attachment 5)

Discussion ensued.

The motion passed..

Representative Williams moved to amend the bill to add an audit.  Representative  Long seconded. (Attachment 6)

Discussion ensued. It was suggested to bring back the amendment for further discussion. The amendment was withdrawn.

Representative Croft moved  for a conceptual amendment to the bill addressing work opportunity tax credits. Representative Long seconded. The motion passed.

The Chairperson announced that the Committee will continue working on HB2196 at a later time.

Chair Tarwater adjourned the meeting at 3:00 pm.