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Aug. 17, 2022
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Minutes for HB2498 - Committee on Health and Human Services

Short Title

Prohibiting the secretary of health and environment from requiring COVID-19 vaccination for children attending school.

Minutes Content for Mon, Feb 21, 2022

Representative Brett Fairchild provided testimony as a proponent for HB2498 (Attachment 1). Representative Fairchild stated that the bill is very simple and straightforward. The bill prevents the Secretary of KDHE from mandating the Covid 19 vaccine in public schools and in childcare facilities. The Secretary is an unelected bureaucrat. The bill also would not prevent the legislature from mandating the Covid 19 vaccine in public schools, nor would it prohibit counties or school districts from mandating the vaccine. The bill's intent is to provide a check and balance on unelected bureaucracies in the state. The bill has nothing to do with opposing vaccines, it simply is about reining in an administrative state that has gone to far.

Lauren Schiffman, Private Citizen, provided testimony is support of HB2498 (Attachment 2). Ms. Schiffman stated that we cannot force our children to get an experimental, insufficiently tested, non-FDA approved vaccine to attend school. It was noted that it takes ten years normally for a vaccine to be approved by the FDA. Incidents of myocarditis in 1 in 3000 children is occurring. This vaccine is not in the same class as other vaccines.

Shaun Heald, Private Citizen, provided testimony in support of HB2498 (Attachment 3). Mr. Heald stated that the issue should have been put to rest by the FDA advisory council, when testimony overwhelmingly opposed giving the vaccine to children. Children and teenagers are at very little risk of complications from Covid. The vaccine does not prevent catching or spreading Covid.

Connie Newcome, Private Citizen, provided testimony in support of HB2498 (Attachment 4). It was noted that KDHE is run by non-elected individuals. KDHE has shown a callous disregard for truth in its ads. KDHE also has zero accountability. Ms. Newcome noted that the vaccine is an experimental medical procedure and has exhibited great risk to adults. The vaccine is all risk and no benefit to children. Ms. Newcome asked the committee to be preemptive by approving HB2498.

William Mize, Private Citizen, provided testimony in support of HB2498 (Attachment 5). Mr. Mize stated that the purpose of the bill was to prevent KDHE from unilaterally mandating vaccines to treat Kansas children. Under K.S.A. 72-6262, the Secretary of KDHE can mandate any vaccine he or she deems necessary for our children through a proposed change in the Kansas Regulations. This bill only limits the Secretary from adding the Covid-19 vaccine to the list. The vaccine has not been thoroughly tested. It was noted that the CDC had to change the definition of 'vaccine' because of the technology used to produce the vaccine.

The following provided written only testimony in support of HB2498:

Sheri Graham, Private Citizen (Attachment 6)

Melissa Campbell, Private Citizen (Attachment 7)

Kody Carlson, Private Citizen (Attachment 8)

Breana Wendel, Private Citizen (Attachment 9)

Kelli Cooley, Private Citizen (Attachment 10)

Tammy Davis, Private Citizen (Attachment 11)

Kathryn Andries, Private Citizen (Attachment 12)

Sara Isehour, Private Citizen (Attachment 13)

Loretta Touslee, Private Citizen (Attachment 14)

Gina Elbrader, Private Citizen (Attachment 15)

Melissa Neville, Private Citizen (Attachment 16)

Katherine Taber, Private Citizen (Attachment 17)

Pam Vetter, Private Citizen (Attachment 18)

Seth Graber, Private Citizen (Attachment 19)

Edith Buller-Breer, Private Citizen (Attachment 20)

Owen Frederick, Private Citizen (Attachment 21)

Delinda Cendrowski, Private Citizen (Attachment 22)

Beth Regehr, Private Citizen (Attachment 23)

Konrad Mast, Private Citizen (Attachment 24)

Jill O’Connor, Private Citizen (Attachment 25)

Mike Kerner, Private Citizen (Attachment 26)

Michelle Eagleman, Private Citizen (Attachment 27)

Beverly Hoskins, Private Citizen (Attachment 28)

Thomas Hoskins, Private Citizen (Attachment 29)

Kristina Mikesic, Private Citizen (Attachment 30)

Cherilyn Dahlsten, Private Citizen (Attachment 31)

Janeen Bezona, Private Citizen (Attachment 32)

Lydia Hayden, Private Citizen (Attachment 33)

Brenda Smart, Private Citizen (Attachment 34)

Mary Winger, Private Citizen (Attachment 35)

Jolene Amrein, Private Citizen (Attachment 36)

Elizabeth Groff, Private Citizen (Attachment 37)

Jamie Kurzen, Private Citizen (Attachment 38)

Juanell Garrett, Private Citizen (Attachment 39)

Stephen Snitz, Private Citizen (Attachment 40)

Robin Jackson, Private Citizen (Attachment 41)

Keely Waller, Private Citizen (Attachment 42)

Dr. Gayln Perry, Private Citizen (Attachment 43)

Dr. Festus Krebs, Private Citizen (Attachment 44)