Kansas Legislature

HB 2158

AN ACT concerning open government; relating to the state child death review board; relating to the confidentiality of records; exceptions thereto; relating to the department of health and environment, division of public health; powers, duties and functions of the advisory committee on trauma and the statewide trauma system regional council; continuing in existence the authority to conduct closed session meetings and keep records privileged; amending K.S.A. 75-5664 and 75-5665 and K.S.A. 2020 Supp. 22a-243 and repealing the existing sections.

Senate - Conference Committee Report was adopted; - 05/05/2021

On roll call the vote was:

Yea - (39):

Alley, Baumgardner, Billinger, Bowers, Claeys, Corson, Dietrich, Doll, Erickson, Fagg, Faust-Goudeau, Francisco, Gossage, Haley, Hawk, Hilderbrand, Holland, Holscher, Kerschen, Kloos, Longbine, McGinn, O'Shea, Olson, Peck, Petersen, Pettey, Pittman, Pyle, Ryckman, Steffen, Straub, Suellentrop, Sykes, Thompson, Tyson, Ware, Warren, Wilborn,

Nay - (0):

Present and Passing - (0):

Absent and Not Voting - (1):


Not Voting - (0):