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2012 Statute

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3-701.Definitions. As used in this act, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) "Airport" means any area of land or water designed and set aside for the landing and taking-off of aircraft and utilized or to be utilized in the interest of the public for such purposes, and also means any military airfield.

(2) "Airport hazard" means any structure or tree or use of land which obstructs the airspace required for the flight of aircraft in landing or taking-off at any airport or is otherwise hazardous to such landing or taking-off of aircraft.

(3) "Airport hazard area" means any area of land or water upon which an airport hazard might be established if not prevented as provided in this act.

(4) "Political subdivision" means those now or hereafter authorized by the laws of this state to acquire, operate, maintain or regulate an airport or airports, acting singly or jointly, and also means those within or partly within fifty thousand (50,000) feet of a military airfield control tower.

(5) "Person" means any individual, firm, copartnership, corporation, company, association, joint stock association, or body politic, and includes any trustee, receiver, assignee, or other similar representative thereof.

(6) "Structure" means any object constructed or installed by man, including, but without limitation, buildings, towers, smokestacks, and overhead transmission lines.

(7) "Tree" means any object of natural growth.

History: L. 1947, ch. 13, § 1; L. 1955, ch. 10, § 1; April 4.

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