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2012 Statute


12-1750. Unsafe or dangerous structures; abandoned property; commercial real estate; definitions. As used in this act:

(a) "Structure" means any building, wall or other structure.

(b) "Enforcing officer" means the building inspector or other officer designated by ordinance and charged with the administration of the provisions of this act.

(c) "Abandoned property" means:

(1) Any residential real estate for which taxes are delinquent for the preceding two years and which has been unoccupied continuously by persons legally in possession for the preceding 90 days; or

(2) commercial real estate for which the taxes are delinquent for the preceding two years and which has a blighting influence on surrounding properties. "Commercial real estate" means any real estate for which the present use is other than one to four residential units or for agricultural purposes.

(d) "Blighting influence" means conditions in such structure which are dangerous or injurious to the health, safety or morals of the occupants of such buildings or other residents of the municipality or which have an adverse impact on properties in the area. Such conditions may include, but are not limited to, the following: Defects increasing the hazards of fire, accident, or other calamities; air pollution; light or sanitary facilities; dilapidation; disrepair; structural defects; uncleanliness; dead and dying trees, limbs or other unsightly natural growth or unsightly appearances that constitute a blight to adjoining property, the neighborhood or the city; walls, sidings or exteriors of a quality and appearance not commensurate with the character of the properties in the neighborhood; unsightly stored or parked material, equipment, supplies, machinery, trucks or automobiles or parts thereof; vermin infestation; inadequate drainage; or any violation of health, fire, building or zoning regulations.

(e) "Organization" means any nonprofit corporation organized under the laws of this state and which has among its purposes the improvement of housing.

(f) "Rehabilitation" means the process of improving the property into compliance with applicable fire, housing and building codes.

(g) "Parties in interest" means any owner or owners of record, judgment creditor, tax purchaser or other party having any legal or equitable title or interest in the property.

(h) "Last known address" includes the address where the property is located, or the address as listed in the tax records.

History: L. 1961, ch. 74, § 1; L. 1994, ch. 242, § 1; L. 2003, ch. 90, § 1; L. 2010, ch. 116, § 26; L. 2012, ch. 126, § 4; July 1.