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2012 Statute

Section Number

16a-3-101 - (UCCC) Short title.
16a-3-102 - (UCCC) Scope.
16a-3-201 - (UCCC) Consumer leases.
16a-3-202 - (UCCC) Notice to consumer.
16a-3-203 - (UCCC) Notice of assignment.
16a-3-203a - Receipt of payment by assignor.
16a-3-204 - (UCCC) Change in terms of open end credit accounts.
16a-3-205 - (UCCC) Receipts; statements of account; evidence of payment.
16a-3-206 - (UCCC) Compliance with rules and regulations; truth in lending.
16a-3-207 - Consumer loans secured by certain real estate mortgages; appraisals and notice.
16a-3-208 - Advertising; prohibited conduct.
16a-3-209 - Calendar days used for computing time.
16a-3-301 - (UCCC) Security in sales or leases.
16a-3-302 - (UCCC) Cross-collateral.
16a-3-303 - (UCCC) Debt secured by cross-collateral.
16a-3-304 - (UCCC) Use of multiple agreements.
16a-3-305 - (UCCC) No assignment of earnings.
16a-3-306 - (UCCC) Authorization to confess judgment prohibited.
16a-3-307 - (UCCC) Certain negotiable instruments prohibited.
16a-3-308 - (UCCC) Balloon payments.
16a-3-308a - Loans secured by mortgages on consumer's principal residence; negative amortization and balloon payments prohibited.
16a-3-309 - (UCCC) Referral sales.
16a-3-401 - (UCCC) Restriction on liability in consumer lease.
16a-3-402 - (UCCC) Limitation on default charges.
16a-3-403 - (UCCC) Credit card issuer subject to defenses.
16a-3-404 - (UCCC) Assignee subject to defenses; application of payments received by assignee; limitation of actions; assignee may require seller or lessor to repurchase obligation; joinder of parties; procedure.
16a-3-405 - (UCCC) Lender subject to defenses arising from sales and leases.