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2012 Statute


19-3507.Elections, voting places; election officer, duties; candidates for office, filing as; election procedure and cost; eligible voters. The water district election shall be held in each election precinct, a part or all of which is located within such water district, except that if no other election is being held in a given election precinct on the same date as the water district election, the county election officer may provide one or more convenient voting places where the water district electors of such precinct may vote, which may be a voting place located in another precinct.  The county election officer shall designate such voting places and the persons entitled to vote thereat in the election notice.  The county election officer shall make a report in writing to the board of county commissioners of such election precincts and voting places, which report shall be filed with the county clerk of the county or counties in which such precincts and voting places are located and an entry thereof made upon the journal of the board or boards of county commissioners of such county or counties and if any change shall be made in such voting precincts and voting places by the county election officer, the same shall in like manner be reported to the board or boards of county commissioners, filed and entered as aforesaid.  The polls for any election held under this act shall be open between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.

All qualified persons desiring to be voted upon as a member of such board shall on or before 12:00 o'clock noon on the Tuesday which precedes by 10 weeks the first Tuesday in April of the year in which the election is being held, which date shall be stated in the publication notice of the election, file with the county election officer, a statement directing such officer to place such person's name on the ballot as a candidate for member of the board of the water district in such election, indicating the number of the position for which such person is filing.  No candidate shall be permitted to withdraw as a candidate after the deadline for filing such statements of candidacy. There shall be no primary election for members of the water district board.  The county election officer shall publish names of all candidates in a newspaper of general circulation within the water district not less than 10 days before such election.  The county election officer shall provide for use of voting machines or printed ballots in each election precinct or voting place. Where printed ballots are prepared, the same shall be done at the expense of the water district. The names of candidates for each member position shall be rotated on the ballots in such a manner that each candidate shall be given an equitable opportunity to have such candidate's name appear first on the ballot.  Where the only election being conducted in an election precinct or voting place is the water district election, the cost of providing judges and clerks in such precinct or voting place shall be borne entirely by the water district, but where held in conjunction with other elections, the cost shall be prorated in the manner provided by article 22 of chapter 25 of the Kansas Statutes Annotated, and amendments thereto.

At least five days before any election, the county election officers of the various counties within which a portion of such district is located, in cooperation with the water district board, shall determine the voting areas where no other elections will be held in conjunction with the water district and the names of all qualified electors residing in the water district and located in such precincts and shall determine the election precincts which contain only a part of the water district and the names of all qualified electors residing in the water district and in such election precincts.  A list of the qualified electors determined as hereinbefore provided shall be furnished by the county election officer to the judges of the voting precincts or voting places where such electors are entitled to vote.

Qualified electors of any election precinct, the entirety of which is within the water district, shall be entitled to vote in such precinct and a separate list of their names need not be furnished.

A voter shall not be eligible to vote in any election precinct other than the one in which such person resides unless no election is being held in such precinct, in which event, such voter shall be entitled to vote in the voting place designated by the county election officer.

Such list furnished by the county election officer to the judges of each precinct shall be conclusive at all elections, except that one desirous of voting, whose name does not appear on such list, may proceed to the county election officer of the county and such officer may administer oaths and affirm witnesses to determine the right of anyone to vote who may claim erroneous omission from such list, and if such officer issues a certificate entitling the voter to vote, such certificate shall be accepted by the judges and clerks of the election.  The list so furnished by the county election officer shall be conclusive at all elections held within the same year that the list is furnished.

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