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2012 Statute

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20-162.Supreme court to establish judicial personnel classification system; contents; submission to legislative coordinating council. (a) The supreme court shall establish by rule a judicial personnel classification system for all nonjudicial personnel in the state court system and for judicial personnel whose compensation is not otherwise prescribed by law.  Said personnel classification system shall take effect on July 1, 1979, and shall prescribe the compensation for all such personnel.  No county may supplement the compensation of district court personnel included in the judicial personnel compensation system. Such compensation shall be established so as to be commensurate with the duties and responsibilities of each type and class of personnel.  In establishing the compensation for each type and class of personnel, the supreme court shall take into consideration:  (1) The compensation of such personnel prior to January 1, 1979; (2) the compensation of personnel in the executive branch of state government who have comparable duties and responsibilities; and (3) the compensation of similar personnel in the court systems of other states having comparable size, population and characteristics.

(b) The following personnel shall not be included in the judicial personnel classification system:

(1) County auditors,

(2) coroners,

(3) court trustees and personnel in each trustee's office, and

(4) personnel performing services in adult or juvenile facilities used as a place of detention or for correctional purposes.

The compensation for the above personnel shall be paid by the county as prescribed by law.

(c) The judicial personnel classification system also shall prescribe the powers, duties and functions for each type and class of personnel, which shall be subject to and not inconsistent with any provisions of law prescribing powers, duties and functions of such personnel.

(d) In conjunction with the judicial personnel classification system, the supreme court shall prescribe a procedure whereby personnel subject to said classification system who are removed from office by their appointing authority will have an opportunity to seek reinstatement.

(e) On or before December 1, 1978, the supreme court shall submit to the legislative coordinating council a detailed personnel classification and pay plan for district court employees that are to be included in the judicial personnel classification system. The plan shall detail each individual position by classification, pay grade and pay step as compared to the employee's present salary. In assignment of positions to particular steps within the assigned pay grade, the plan shall place each employee at the step which is the next highest over the employee's current salary. If an employee is earning more than the highest step on a given grade, his or her salary shall remain at the current level.

History: L. 1978, ch. 108, § 2; July 1.

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