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2012 Statute

Section Number

21-5901 - Treason.
21-5902 - Sedition.
21-5903 - Perjury.
21-5904 - Interference with law enforcement. [See Revisor's Note]
21-5904a - Interference with law enforcement. [See Revisor's Note]
21-5905 - Interference with the judicial process.
21-5906 - Criminal disclosure of a warrant.
21-5907 - Simulating legal process.
21-5908 - Witness or victim intimidation; definitions.
21-5909 - Intimidation of a witness or victim; aggravated intimidation of a witness or victim.
21-5910 - Civil remedies; court orders authorized; penalties; petrial release.
21-5911 - Escape from custody; aggravated escape from custody.
21-5912 - Aiding escape.
21-5913 - Obstructing apprehension or prosecution.
21-5914 - Traffic in contraband in a correctional institution or care and treatment facility.
21-5915 - Failure to appear; aggravated failure to appear.
21-5916 - False signing of a petition.
21-5917 - False impersonation; aggravated false impersonation.(a) False impersonation is representing oneself to be a public officer, public employee or a person licensed to practice or engage in any profession or vocation for which a license is required by the laws of the state of Kansas, with knowledge that such representation is false.
21-5918 - Dealing in false identification documents; vital records identity fraud.
21-5919 - Performance of an unauthorized official act.
21-5920 - Tampering with a public record.
21-5921 - Tampering with public notice.
21-5922 - Interference with the conduct of public business in public buildings; aggravated interference with the conduct of public business.
21-5923 - Unlawful disclosure of authorized interception of wire, oral or electronic communications.
21-5924 - Violation of a protective order; extended protective orders; penalties. [See Revisor's Note]
21-5924a - Violation of a protective order. [See Revisor's Note]
21-5925 - Kansas medicaid fraud control act; citation.
21-5926 - Definitions.
21-5927 - Making false claim, statement or representation to the medicaid program.
21-5928 - Unlawful acts relating to the medicaid program.
21-5929 - Obstruction of a medicaid fraud investigation.
21-5930 - Failure to maintain adequate records.
21-5931 - Destruction or concealment of records.
21-5932 - Defense of actions.
21-5933 - Penalties; medicaid fraud reimbursement fund; medicaid fraud prosecution revolving fund.
21-5934 - Other remedies available as provided by law.
21-5935 - Failure to register an aircraft.
21-5936 - Fraudulent aircraft registration.
21-5937 - Fraudulent acts relating to aircraft identification numbers.
21-5938 - Failure to report disappearance or death of child; penalties.