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2012 Statute


24-709.Superintendents of construction; payment for labor and materials. (a) The commissioners of drainage appointed in such proceeding shall be superintendents of construction of the work of drainage, and shall have authority to employ labor and to make contracts for the performance of such work and for the purchase of material therefor. The drainage commissioners shall not enter into any contract for labor or purchase of material for the construction of such work until a sufficient amount of money has been paid to the clerk of the court, by the persons against whom benefits are assessed, to pay for all labor and material covered by such contract. The drainage commissioners shall keep a record of the work and the progress thereof, and it shall be their duty to file with the clerk of the court and present to the court, on September 1 of each year, a report of their acts and doings as such drainage commissioners up to the day of the filing of such report. Such report shall set forth all contracts entered into and the amount of the same, and what work has been performed thereunder, and the expense thereof, and also all work done by such commissioners through labor employed directly by them, and the cost thereof. The report shall set out, specifically, each day on which each of such commissioners has been employed in the superintendence or construction of such work, which report shall be verified by both of such commissioners.

(b) Such commissioners shall at all times be under the control and direction of the court, and for any failure to obey the orders of the court on the part of such drainage commissioners the court shall have the authority to deny either or both of such commissioners any compensation for their services as such commissioners, or to deduct a part of their compensation for their services, and power and authority to punish such commissioners summarily as for contempt if they shall in any manner fail to obey the orders of the court made in said proceeding. Suit may also be brought upon the bond of such commissioners in the name of the state for any failure of duty, and the amount recovered shall be applied in payment of the costs and expenses of the construction of the work. The court may at any time discharge such commissioners and appoint others in their place.

(c) It shall be the duty of the commissioners to keep an accurate account of all labor performed in the work of construction, and to furnish to each person performing labor under their employment, and to each person to whom any contract may be let by them for such construction, a statement signed by both of such commissioners, showing what amount is due such person for labor or to any contractor for contract work performed in the construction of such drain, and to any person who shall furnish material for the construction of such drain. Such commissioners shall not furnish any voucher to any laborer, contractor or materialman until the labor has been performed or material furnished and received on the work of such commissioners. The clerk of the court shall not pay to any contractor, materialman or laborer any sum for work, labor or material performed or furnished in the construction of such drain, except upon a certificate signed by both of such drainage commissioners, showing the amount due for labor or material.

History: L. 1907, ch. 197, § 7; R.S. 1923, 24-709; L. 2007, ch. 190, § 7; July 1.