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2012 Statute

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32-1015.Miscellaneous violations. (a) It is unlawful for any person to:

(1) Destroy any muskrat house, beaver dam, mink run or any hole, den or runway of any furbearing animal, or cut down or destroy any tree that is the home, habitat or refuge of any furbearing animal;

(2) hunt deer in this state in an area where a firearms season for the taking of deer is occurring, or hunt elk in this state in an area where a firearms season for the taking of elk is occurring, unless such person is wearing clothing of a highly visible nature in a color, an amount worn and a location on such person's body prescribed by rules and regulations adopted by the secretary pursuant to K.S.A. 32-805, and amendments thereto;

(3) do any act or engage in any activity within any state park, state lake, recreational ground, wildlife area or sanctuary, natural area or other area under the control of the secretary which is in violation of or contrary to law or rules and regulations of the secretary;

(4) use any manner or means of taking fish which may escape from a private water fishing impoundment and kill or endanger fish in another such impoundment or in public waters;

(5) remove fish from a private water fishing impoundment without the consent of the owner or tenant having possession and control of such impoundment; or

(6) place, erect or cause to be placed or erected any seine, screen, net, weir, fishdam or other obstruction in or across any of the waters, rivers, creeks, ponds, streams, sloughs or other watercourses within the jurisdiction of this state in such a manner as will obstruct the free passage of fish up and down and through such watercourses.

(b) Subsection (a)(1) shall not be construed to prohibit a legal owner or occupant of land from cutting trees on such land.

History: L. 1989, ch. 118, § 126; L. 2010, ch. 162, § 2; July 1.

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