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2012 Statute


40-3114.Duty of employer, physician, hospital, clinic or medical institution to furnish information upon request of insurer or self-insurer; settlement of dispute by district court; copy of information to insured. (a) Whenever a request is made by a self-insurer or an insurer providing personal injury protection benefits under this act and against whom a claim has been made:

(1) Every employer shall furnish forthwith, in a form approved by the commissioner, a sworn statement of the earnings since the time of the injury, and for a reasonable period before the injury, of the employee upon whose injury the claim is based.

(2) Every physician, hospital, clinic or other medical institution providing, before or after injury upon which a claim for personal injury protection benefits is based, any products, services or accommodations in relation to that or any other injury, or in relation to a condition claimed to be connected with that or any other injury, shall furnish forthwith a written report of the history, condition, treatment and dates and costs of such treatment of the injured person, and produce forthwith and permit the inspection and copying of his or its records regarding such history, condition, treatment and dates and costs of treatment. The person requesting such records shall pay all reasonable costs connected therewith.

(b) In the event of any dispute regarding an insurer's or self-insurer's right to discovery of facts about an injured person's earnings or about his history, condition, treatment and dates and costs of such treatment, the insurer may petition the district court to enter an order permitting such discovery. The order may be made only on timely motion, for good cause shown and upon notice to all persons having an interest, and it shall specify the time, place, manner, conditions and scope of the discovery. In order to protect against annoyance, harassment, embarrassment or oppression, the court may enter an order refusing discovery, or specifying conditions of discovery, and may order payment of costs and expenses of the proceeding, including reasonable fees for the appearance of attorneys at the proceedings, as justice requires.

(c) The injured person shall be furnished upon demand a copy of all information obtained by the insurer or self-insurer under the provisions of this section, and shall pay a reasonable charge therefor, if so required.

History: L. 1974, ch. 193, § 14; Feb. 22.