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Nov. 21, 2020
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2012 Statute

Section Number

47-604 - Penalty for violating quarantine.
47-605 - Oaths and affirmations.
47-607 - Unlawful to transport uninspected animals into state; certificates of health required; rules and regulations of animal health commissioner; special quarantine.
47-607a - Transportation of uninspected animals into state; special permit may be required to cross state line.
47-607c - Same; penalties for violations.
47-607d - Same; rules and regulations.
47-608 - Animal health commissioner to cooperate with federal officers.
47-610 - State quarantine, sanitary and other regulations; veterinarian; compensation.
47-611 - Quarantine and other regulations; notice of quarantine; proclamation by governor; enforcement; direction by governor; assistance of any state agency.
47-612 - Delivery of animals into quarantine; payment of fees, costs and expenses; sale.
47-613 - Quarantine duties of sheriff.
47-614 - Killing unconfined, diseased or exposed animals.
47-615 - Killing of condemned animals; inventory and appraisal; duties of commissioner; payment or indemnity to owner.
47-616 - Same; right of indemnity.
47-617 - Animals killed by order of commissioner; certificate; payment or indemnity to owner; specific disease procedures.
47-618 - Execution of orders of commissioner; fees of officers; arrests; prosecutions.
47-619 - Stockyard inspector; compensation; duties.
47-620 - Prohibiting entrance of stock from other states where disease has become epidemic.
47-622 - Report of diseases to animal health commissioner.
47-624 - Unlawful acts; civil penalties.
47-626 - Employees and materials for enforcement of act.
47-627 - Treatment for itch or mange; order of commissioner.
47-629 - Injection of virulent hog-cholera virus into hogs without permit unlawful; permit issued, when.
47-629a - Sale of virulent hog-cholera virus by unauthorized vendors unlawful.
47-629b - Sale of virulent hog-cholera virus to unauthorized purchasers unlawful.
47-629c - Penalty for violating 47-629 to 47-629b.
47-631 - Rules for tuberculin test.
47-632 - Animals affected with tuberculosis; condemning of animal and quarantine of herd; sale of animal; payment to owner.
47-632a - Same; commissioner not required to examine records.
47-633a - Same; condemnation of herd; payment for animals condemned; appraisal animals.
47-634 - Disinfection of premises; costs.
47-635 - Construction of 47-610 to 47-635.
47-645 - Liability of owner of dog for damages.
47-646 - Killing dog lawful, when.
47-646a - Same; unconfined dogs in violation of quarantine.
47-650 - Petition to animal health commissioner; hog-cholera-control organization.
47-651 - Deputy state animal health commissioner.
47-653 - Compensation and expenses of deputy animal health commissioner.
47-653a - Sale or use of hog cholera vaccines unlawful, when.
47-653b - Same; rules and regulations of animal health commissioner.
47-653c - Unlawful use of hog cholera vaccines; penalty for violation.
47-653d - Hog cholera; destruction of swine; appraisal of animals.
47-653e - Same; disposal of animals; unlawful acts.
47-653f - Same; payment of owner; limitations, conditions and procedure.
47-653g - Same; commissioner may cooperate with federal agencies and officers.
47-653h - Same; vehicle used in transporting animals to be disinfected.
47-654 - Unlawful transportation and sale; fumigation.
47-655 - Same; unlawful sale; secondhand sacks.
47-657 - Rules for approved tests for brucellosis; quarantine and other regulations.
47-658a - Brucellosis; identification of reactor animals.
47-658b - Same; sale of reactor animals; shipping permit.
47-660 - Right of entry to inspect and examine, when.
47-661 - Same; duty of persons to assist officials; notice.
47-662 - Same; penalty for violating act.
47-663 - Sale of cattle as tuberculosis tested unlawful.
47-664 - Same; sale as brucellosis or Bang's tested.
47-665 - Same; penalty.
47-666 - Killing animals affected with vesicular exanthema; right of indemnity.
47-667 - Definitions.
47-672 - Equipment for control and eradication of scabies; fees for use; disposition.
47-673 - Pseudorabies infected herd of swine; duties of animal health commissioner; indemnity; rules and regulations.
47-674 - Program for registering premises where animals located; voluntary premises registration and animal identification and tracking system; development and implementation by animal health commissioner.
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