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2012 Statute


65-185.Definitions. For the purpose of this act unless the context otherwise requires:

(a) The term "sanitation zone" means the land within an area designated and described by regulation of the secretary of health and environment under the provisions of this act, no portion of which is located more than three (3) miles from the waterline of the conservation pool of any existing or proposed state or authorized federal reservoir having a surface area of its conservation pool of more than one hundred (100) acres, but not including any area within any incorporated city, or any area downstream from the dam site.

(b) The term "federal reservoir" means any reservoir authorized or constructed and operated by any agency of the federal government.

(c) The term "state reservoir" means any reservoir, lake or water impoundment operated by any agency of the state of Kansas.

(d) The term "agricultural use" means use for growing crops or pasture and functions related thereto, and the feeding of livestock by a resident on the land.

(e) The term "reservoir sanitation officer" means the county engineer or other officer designated by a majority of the county commissioners in counties with territory in such sanitation zone, subject to the approval of the secretary  of health and environment. The budget of the reservoir sanitation officer shall be funded by the boards of county commissioners and the proportion furnished by each county shall be based upon the area of the zone in the respective county.

(f) The term "owner" means the title holder of record or a person purchasing the lot or tract in question under a written contract of sale.

(g) The term "sanitation plan" means plans for furnishing water, disposing of sewage and handling refuse.

(h) "Developer" means a person or persons who subdivide, plat and sell lots or tracts.

(i) The term "lot" means (1) any premises of less than three (3) acres used or intended for use for a single family dwelling or (2) any premises, regardless of size, used or intended for use for any purpose other than a single family dwelling or agricultural use. All such premises shall be platted prior to construction of buildings or facilities thereon.

History: L. 1965, ch. 387, § 2; L. 1968, ch. 213, § 1; L. 1969, ch. 294, § 3; L. 1974, ch. 352, § 52; July 1.