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2012 Statute


66-1281. Anemometer towers; definitions; requirements; penalties. (a) As used in this section:

(1) "Anemometer" means an instrument for measuring and recording the speed of wind; and

(2) "anemometer tower" means a structure, including all guy wires and accessory facilities, on which an anemometer is mounted.

(b) Any anemometer tower that is 50 feet in height above the ground or higher, located outside the corporate boundaries of any city, and whose appearance is not otherwise mandated by state or federal law, shall be marked, painted, flagged or otherwise constructed to be recognizable in clean air during daylight hours. Any anemometer tower that was erected before July 1, 2011, shall be marked as required by this section within two years after the effective date of this act. Any anemometer tower that is erected on or after the* July 1, 2011, shall be marked as required by this section at the time it is erected. Marking required under this section includes marking the anemometer tower, guy wires and accessory facilities as follows:

(1) The top ⅓ of the anemometer tower shall be painted in equal, alternating bands of aviation orange and white, beginning with orange at the top of the tower and ending with orange at the bottom of the marked portion of the tower;

(2) two marker balls shall be attached to and evenly spaced on each of the outside guy wires; and

(3) one or more seven-foot safety sleeves shall be placed at each anchor point and shall extend from the anchor point along each guy wire attached to the anchor point.

(c) Failure to properly mark an anemometer tower is failing to mark an anemometer tower as required by subsection (b). An owner of an anemometer tower who fails to properly mark an anemometer tower shall be guilty of a class C nonperson misdemeanor.

History: L. 2011, ch. 52, § 1; July 1.

* The word "the" should have been stricken.