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2012 Statute

Section Number

72-6405 - Citation of act; nonseverable provisions, exception.
72-6406 - Definitions; district; board; state board.
72-6407 - Definitions.
72-6408 - Definitions; school year.
72-6409 - Definitions; funds; operating expenses; budgets.
72-6410 - Definitions; state aid; base state aid per pupil; local effort; federal impact aid.
72-6411 - Transportation weighting; definitions.
72-6412 - Low enrollment weighting.
72-6413 - Program weighting; use of moneys derived from weighting.
72-6414 - At-risk pupil weighting; use of moneys derived from weighting; required expenditures for mastery of basic reading skills, exemption.
72-6414a - At-risk education fund; uses of money, unencumbered balance in fund; reports to the state board.
72-6414b - Preschool-aged at-risk education fund; use of money, unencumbered balance in fund; reports to the state board.
72-6415 - School facilities weighting.
72-6415b - School facilities weighting; conditions to qualify.
72-6416 - General state aid; determination of entitlement; amount.
72-6417 - General state aid distribution; times; disposition.
72-6418 - Overpayments; underpayments.
72-6419 - Certification of enrollment data and budget.
72-6420 - Special education fund; use of money, unencumbered balance in fund.
72-6421 - Vocational education fund; use of money, unencumbered balance in fund.
72-6422 - Area vocational school fund.
72-6423 - Driver training fund; use of money, unencumbered balance in fund.
72-6424 - Food service fund.
72-6425 - Transportation fund, abolished; transportation expenses paid from general fund.
72-6426 - Contingency reserve fund; use of money, unencumbered balance in fund, limitations.
72-6427 - Miscellaneous revenues; disposition.
72-6428 - Transfers from general fund authorized; conditions; limitations.
72-6429 - Transfers to general fund authorized; limitations.
72-6430 - Expenditures for certain purposes not operating expenses.
72-6431 - Ad valorem tax levy required; purposes; rate; disposition of proceeds.
72-6432 - Exceeding general fund budget; penalty.
72-6433 - Local option budget; authorization to adopt; conditions; limitations; definitions; supplemental general fund; transfers to capital improvements fund and capital outlay fund.
72-6433d - Local option budget when BSAPP is $4,433 or less.
72-6434 - Local option budget; supplemental general state aid; distribution, when; transfers to capital improvements fund and capital outlay fund, when; amounts deemed to be state moneys.
72-6434b - Same; district formed by consolidation or disorganization.
72-6435 - Same; ad valorem tax levy authorized; disposition of proceeds.
72-6436 - New districts; boundary changes; revisions.
72-6437 - Rules and regulations.
72-6438 - State school district finance fund; sources; use.
72-6439 - School performance accreditation system; pupil assessments; curriculum standards, establishment and review by state board; performance levels to represent academic excellence; school site councils.
72-6439a - Failure to meet accreditation requirements; reallocation of resources.
72-6441 - Ad valorem tax levy for financing costs of ancillary school facilities weighting; conditions to qualify.
72-6442b - High enrollment weighting.
72-6443 - Ancillary school facilities weighting.
72-6444 - District prescribed percentage; computation for determination of local option budget amount; applicability.
72-6445a - District formed by consolidation or disorganization; computation of state aid; time limitation.
72-6446 - Special education and related services weighting.
72-6447 - Enrollment; decreases resulting from disasters.
72-6448 - Enrollment of military pupils; determination, when.
72-6449 - Cost of living weighting.
72-6450 - Same; tax levy to finance costs of weighting.
72-6451 - Declining enrollment weighting.
72-6452 - Same; state aid.
72-6453 - Nonseverability provision, exception.
72-6454 - Nonproficient pupil weighting; determination in the event of disasters.
72-6455 - High density at-risk pupil weighting.
72-6456 - Districts having pupils enrolled in KAMS; pupil weightings; local option budget computation.
72-6457 - Adjusted enrollment for certain school districts for school year 2008-2009.
72-6458 - Adjusted enrollment; decreases resulting from disasters in certain districts.
72-6460 - Expenditure of certain unencumbered balances; maximum amount.
72-6461 - Adjustment of at-risk pupil enrollment.