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2014 Statute


2-1009.Analysis of samples; procedure. (a) A representative sample of each brand of commercial feeding stuffs found, sold, offered or exposed for sale shall be taken by the secretary or the secretary's duly authorized representative. Except as provided in subsection (b), no action shall be maintained for a violation of the provisions of this act, based upon an analysis of a sample from less than five separate original packages, unless there be less than five separate original packages in the lot, in which case portions for the official sample shall be taken from each original package. If the commercial feeding stuffs is in bulk, portions shall be taken from not less than five different places in the lot. This does not exclude sampling in bulk when not exposed sufficiently to take portions from five different places, in which case portions are to be taken from as many places as practicable. If the sample thus secured is larger than is required, it shall be mixed and quartered until a sample of suitable size remains. Such sample shall be placed in a container and sealed. The secretary shall analyze the sample or cause it to be analyzed and the results of such analysis, together with such additional information as the secretary may deem advisable, shall be promptly transmitted to the manufacturer, or person responsible for the placing of the commodity on the market, and may be published in reports or bulletins from time to time. The manufacturer or person responsible for the placing of any commodity so sampled upon the market shall upon request to the secretary be furnished with a portion of the official sample referred to in this section.

(b) For canned pet food, a single package of the pet food shall be deemed to be a representative sample upon which action may be taken.

History: L. 1923, ch. 105, § 9; R.S. 1923, § 2-1009; L. 1963, ch. 4, § 5; L. 1991, ch. 3, § 1; July 1.