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2016 Statute


21-1801.Prohibition of prize fighting and wrestling matches; exceptions; penalties. (a) Except as provided in subsection (b), no person shall send or cause to be sent, publish or otherwise make known any challenge to fight what is commonly known as a prize fight, or engage in any public boxing, sparring or wrestling match, exhibition or contest with or without gloves of any kind, for any prize, reward or compensation, or at which any admission fee is charged or received, either directly or indirectly, or go into training preparatory to such fight, exhibition, match or contest, or act as trainer for any person or persons contemplating participation in such fight, exhibition or contest, or act as aider, abettor, backer, umpire, trainer, second, surgeon, assistant, reporter or attendant at such fight, exhibition, match or contest, or in any preparation for the same, nor shall any owner or lessee of any grounds, lots, building, hall or structure of any kind permit the same to be used for such fight, exhibition, match or contest.

(b) The provisions of subsection (a) shall not apply to any fight, exhibition, match or contest conducted under a license issued by the athletic commission pursuant to the Kansas professional regulated sports act, and amendments thereto, sanctioned by the national association of intercollegiate athletics, national collegiate athletic association, amateur athletic union of the United States, golden gloves association of America or national junior college athletic association or conducted under the control of the Kansas state high school activities association.

(c) Any violation of the provisions of this section is a class A nonperson misdemeanor.

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