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Jan. 20, 2019
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Minutes for HB2205 - Committee on Public Health and Welfare

Short Title

Vaccinations for meningitis required.

Minutes Content for Wed, Mar 15, 2017

Chairperson Schmidt opened the hearing on HB2205.

Norm Furse, Staff Revisor, gave an overview of the bill.

Representative John Eplee testified in support of HB2205. He stated that adding the meningitis vaccine to the list of required vaccines will save adolescent Kansans from permanent life-changing deformities and death. (Attachment 11)

Rachelle Colombo gave testimony supporting HB2205. Her testimony stressed that requiring the meningitis vaccine would reduce adolescent exposure to a preventable disease with long-term impact. (Attachment 12)

Written testimony in support of HB2205 was submitted by:

Dr. Lynn Fisher, Kansas Academy of Family Physicians (Attachment 13)

Dr. Barbara Pahud, Children's Mercy (Attachment 14)

Dr. Dennis Cooley, Kansas Chapter American Academy of Pediatrics (Attachment 15)

Presenting testimony in opposition of HB2205 were the following private citizens:

Erik Leon testified that the requirement to get the meningitis vaccine cannot be justified because 1) the incidence of meningococcal disease in Kansas and nationwide is extremely low. 2) the disease is not highly contagious and not easily transmitted in a school setting and 3) the vaccine itself carries a risk of adverse side effect, some of which are severe. (Attachment 16)

Patrick Watkins testified in opposition of HB2205 stating that it erodes parental rights and clearly creates more risks for children than any claimed benefit. (Attachment 17)

Connie Newcome, in opposition testimony, stated that assessment of risk, full disclosure and informed consent should be included with every vaccine administered as well as information on the vaccine ingredients. (Attachment 18)

Laura Hovind testified that her opposition to HB2205 is based on her research and she concludes that there are questions regarding the validity of the meningitis vaccine. (Attachment 19)

Debra Mize stated in her opposition testimony that the number of meningitis cases in Kansas as well as the cost per vaccine do not justify a mandate to require the vaccine. The bill also does not clarify which strain of meningitis is addressed in the bill. (Attachment 20)

William Mize testified in opposition of HB2205 as it omits a provision to expressly guarantee a religious exemption for the children affected by the meningitis mandate.(Attachment 21)

Written testimony in opposition was submitted by private citizens:

Jacquelin N. Psota (Attachment 22)

Brandie Lewis (Attachment 23)

Addison Lewis (Attachment 24)

Cameron Jensen (Attachment 25)

Anastasia Sims (Attachment 26)

Rachel Warren (Attachment 27)

Emilly Coleman (Attachment 28)

Melissa Hanks (Attachment 29)

Lara Copeland (Attachment 30)

Tiffiny Leon (Attachment 31)

Melissa McDonald (Attachment 32)

James Williams (Attachment 33)

Amanda Williams (Attachment 34)

Pastor Jeremiah & Amy Mykytiuk (Attachment 35)

Kelly Smith (Attachment 36)

Michael Phillips (Attachment 37)

Jacia Phillips (Attachment 38)

Amy Hall (Attachment 39)

Dave and Tracey Moorman (Attachment 40)

Julie Clinesmith (Attachment 41)

Katherine Fulks (Attachment 42)

Jeri Enegren (Attachment 43)

Jennifer VandeVelde, Kansas Department of Health and Environment presented neutral testimony. (Attachment 44)

After questions, Chairperson Schmidt closed the hearing on HB2205.