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Dec. 15, 2019
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Minutes for HB2410 - Committee on K-12 Education Budget

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Creating the Kansas school equity and enhancement act

Minutes Content for Tue, May 2, 2017

Jason Long, Senior Assistant Revisor, was introduced by Chairperson Campbell.  Revisor Long gave an overview, section by section, of the changes made to HB 2410, now the PROPOSED Substitute for House Bill 2410.  (Attachment 1)  The amendments he highlighted can be found in the minutes of March 30, 2017 and April 5, 2017.  The following pages reflect the amendments to the bill as introduced:

Pgs. 2 & 12--mentor teacher and professional development

Pg. 22--definition of base aid amount

Pg. 24--definition of enrollment

Pg. 29--all day kindergarten

Pgs. 34 & 35--enrollment count adjustments

Pg. 41--single option budget, now Local Foundation Budget, LFB

Pg. 50--transportation weighting

Pg. 51--grandfather clause for transportation weighting

Pgs. 52 & 53--low enrollment weighting

Pg. 54--bilingual weighting

Pg. 54--at-risk student weighting

Pg. 55--only K-12 school districts for minimum floor

Pg. 55--at-risk high density weighting

Pg. 58--career and technical education weighting

Pgs. 58 & 59--school facilities weighting

Pg. 59, Sec. 31, 32, 33--technical amendments

Pg. 63, Para. 2,--should read Local Foundation Budget

Pg. 64, cost of living percentage adjustment--5% should be 31%

Pg. 68, Para. 2--similarly, 5% should be 31%

Pg. 74--State Board accreditation -- curriculum standards

Pg. 75--required audits conducted by the Legislative Division of Post Post Audit

Pg. 78--directs career & technical education cost study by State Board of Education

Pgs. 150 & 151 & 152--low income student scholarship tax credits

Pg. 165--bond obligations

Mr. Long also noted that on page 164 there would need to be a technical amendment to make the dates comply with HB 2052.

Representatives Landwehr, Aurand, Hoffman, Rooker, and Schwab and Chairperson Campbell made comments or asked questions during the briefing about the contents of these amendments and the current status of the substitute bill.  Answers were given by Revisor Long and Eddie Penner, Fiscal Analyst.

Chairperson Campbell indicated there would be additional amendments presented in future meetings.

Next, Chairperson Campbell introduced Scott Frank, Post Auditor, Legislative Division of Post Audit.  Mr. Frank told the Committee that last Friday the Post Audit Division had approved two new audits that would be conducted next year.  One of the audits had been requested by Chairperson Campbell and will examine the wisdom of using assessed valuation as the metric for various equalization formulas, and consider other options that might better reflect equalization concerns.  The other audit was requested by Representative Landwehr to re-examine the free lunch counts as a funding  proxy for under-performing students  and improve on the methodology of finding those students who may be eligible but who do not apply for the program.

Chairperson Campbell indicated these audits would either show that the performance measures in the bill are or are reasonably calculated to help K-12 students succeed or provide concrete guidance on how future legislatures could better tailor these metrics.

Tomorrow, Representative Johnson will be here to give a recap of what the House Taxation Committee has done and the Committee will discuss adding funding to the bill.

The next meeting of the House K-12 Education Budget Committee will be May 3, 2017.

Chairperson Campbell adjourned the meeting at 2:20 p.m.