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Jan. 20, 2019
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Minutes for HB2445 - Committee on K-12 Education Budget

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Amending the Kansas school equity and enhancement act regarding local option budget provisions, certain weightings, capital outlay expenditures and repealing provisions of the CLASS act.

Minutes Content for Tue, Mar 27, 2018

The House K-12 Education Budget Committee, on call of the chair, began at 12:50 p.m.  Chairperson Patton welcomed Representative Bradley Ralph serving for the first time today as a substitute K-12 Committee member.

Curt Tideman, Attorney for the Kansas House of Representatives, and Dale Dennis, Deputy Commissioner, Kansas State Department of Education were present to answer questions from members.

Senior Assistant Revisor Jason Long was recognized by Chairperson Patton and was asked to review the changes made thus far to HB2445

  • Legislative Post Audits--add Special Education in 2019; move Virtual Education to 2023
  • Stricken--Limit the amount of bonding authority the state board can approve for school districts based on prior years retired bond obligations
  • Removed sunset provisions for the Career and Technical Education (CTE) weightings and the sunset on the alternative high density at-risk weighting by school buildings
  • Apply CTE weighting and bi-lingual weighting to school year 17-18 which is the current school year.   Use current school year enrollment count to calculate those weightings as opposed to preceding school year
  • Change transportation calculation formula to be based on the table of density figures and per capita allowances but using a transportation cost factor of 5 and also applying a 10% cap on preceding year actual transportation expenditures
  • Expand the pre-K at-risk programs to also include three year olds
  • Counting out-of-state students by using the eight mile geographical condition for whether or not to count out-of-state students as one Full Time Equivalent (FTE) or to not be counted at all
  • Notice on Local Option Budget (LOB) increases by school districts. It would provide notice of increasing their LOB authority. The notice would require them to indicate the percentage of federal foundation aid that the school district would be looking to increase their LOB authority by.  Notice submitted by April 1 of current school to be applied in the following school year and it would start in school year 19-20

Representative Rooker moved to adopt a balloon amendment to make more transparent a school district's report of expenditures for programs and services, seconded by Representative Karleskint(Attachment 1)  Following discussion, Representative Rooker withdrew the motion, the second concurred.

Representative Aurand moved to adopt a balloon amendment to change the way school districts' Local Option Budget (LOB) base levels are calculated, Representative Helgerson seconded. (Attachment 2)  Representative Aurand distributed handouts relating to this amendment. (Attachment 3)  (Attachment 4)  Discussion ensued.  Following a voice vote, division was called.  Motion failed on a hand count of 6 to 8

Representative Rooker moved to revive her earlier motion on reporting accountability measures, Representative Karleskint, seconded.  Additional discussion ensued.  Representative Rooker amended her original motion to add general obligation bond indebtedness as one of the numbers to be reported, Representative Karleskint, seconded.  Motion carried on a voice vote.

Representative Aurand moved to adopt a balloon amendment which would require school districts to transfer the LOB portion of aid in their general fund received from the State for at-risk weighting and bilingual weighting to the district's at-risk education fund and bilingual education fund and be spent according to statute, seconded by Representative Smith. (Attachment 5)  Representative Aurand distributed a handout relating to this amendment. (Attachment 6)   Discussion ensued.  Due to time constraints and upon advice from Revisor Long, the Chairperson tabled the motion until the Committee reconvenes.

The meeting recessed at 2:10 p.m.