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2020 Special Committee on Economic Recovery

Miscellaneous Documents

Joint House and Senate Economic Recovery Committee Recommendations.pdf
Commerce SBWC-Grant-Awardees.pdf
Ideatek Written Only Recovery Cmte Testimony - Dec 2020.pdf
arts cares awards.pdf
CDBG cv awardees.pdf
Trowbridge Testimony for Kansas Special Committee on Economic Recovery.pdf
2020 Cox Special Committee on Economic Recovery broadband expansion.pdf
Commerce Economic Interim Committee (broadband) 12-8-20.pdf
Commerce Economic Recovery Subcommittee 12-8-20.pdf
Commerce Final-CERG-Awards (1).pdf
KCTA Testimony_SPER_12-08.20.pdf
Office of Recovery Econ Recovery Cmte_12.7_FINAL_update.pdf
Penner Overview of Other Kansas Taxes.pdf
2021 KSSHRM-UI Reform Summary Brief Written Only.pdf
KDOL Written Only Response to the 2020 Special Committee on Economic Recovery - FINAL.pdf
SCER Advance Recommendation Proposals Received.pdf
KLRD Requested SGF Profiles, J. G. Scott.pdf
KLRD Headcount At-risk Unweighted FTE FY16-22.pdf
CRF Expenditures_10-23-20.pdf
Adam Siebers, HB 2702 explainer.pdf
KDOL Labor Market Information - Special Committee on Economic Recovery (002).pdf
PhillipHayes-KSSHRM - KS UI Reforms -SpecialCommitteeonEconomicRecovery_111720.pdf
WRCC Aviation Industry Testimony 11-17-20.pdf
Dear memo_econreoverycomm_dear_sgfrevenuedeclines (002).pdf
Dear Revenue Declines Attachment.pdf
KBA Testimony for Special Committee on Economic Recovery - Nov 2020.pdf
KDOR Attachment 1 Final - Notice 19-04 Sales Tax Requirements for Retailers Doing Business in Kansas.pdf
KDOR Attachment 2 ATTORNEY GENERAL OPINION NO. 2019- 8_.pdf
KRHA Testimony Economic Recovery 11.16.20.pdf
KS Chamber November Economic Recovery interim.pdf
Penner CRE Short_Memo11-06-2020.pdf
Penner Overview of Kansas Taxes.pdf
Scott SGF Profile 21-004 CRE actual rev.pdf
Special Committee on Economic Recovery -- KDOR Testimony.pdf
Trabert Property Tax Legislature Nov 16 handout.pdf
Trabert States not locked down economic outcomes handout.pdf
Josie Langley, Written Only.pdf
KDWPT Committee on Economic Recovery.pdf
Angie Schreiber Testimony.pdf
CLG 2020_SpecEcoDevo_Testimony_91620 copy.pdf
KBOR Special Committee on Econ Recovery Building a Future - Economic Prosperity.pdf
KCCTF 9-17-2020 testimony.pdf
KCSL Testimony and Corporate Child Care Tax Credit Chart.pdf
KS YMCAs - Testimony to Special Committee on Economic Recovery 9-17-20.pdf
KSCBA_testimony materials.pdf
Dr. Christine White Slides.pdf
9.16.20CommitteeonEconomicRecovryUnemploymentTestimony (Helt).pdf
2020sep17 Holy Field Testimony.pdf
2020sep17 Mike Logan testimony.pdf
2020sep17 Stone Pillar Testimony.pdf
Angie Schreiber - Moats.pdf
Dina Cox UI Claims Testimony 2020 Econ Recovery Task Force.pdf
2020 Economic Recovery Task Force (Peetoom) (1).pdf
KDOL Presentation Special Committee on Econ Recovery 9.16.2020_FINAL (1).pdf
NetWork Kansas Economic Recovery Committee Final 9 16 2020 (1).pdf
Quest Diagnostics - Kansas SubmissionFINAL - 9.16.20 (1).pdf
ACMHCK Testimony
Attorney General Testimony
Heid CBA Testimony
Agenda for September 16, 2020
Yaeger CBA Testimony
NFIB Attachment A_Phase-Four-Legislative-Priorities.pdf
NFIB Attachment B_Re-Opening Best Practices.pdf
NFIB Attachment C_Optimism Graph.pdf
econ impact flyer 2018 cost report.pdf
KBA Testimony on Economic Sector (Thurs).pdf
Evergy SCER presentation_8-13-20_Ervin_Final.pdf
KEC Pandemic impacts Special Econ Recovery.pdf
KGS Special Committee on Economic Recovery Kansas Gas Service FINAL.pdf
KMU Testimony - Special Comm on Economic Recovery.pdf
KPI Perspectives on Economic Development Incentives Economic Growth.pdf
KSCPA _ Economic Recovery_Accountancy.pdf
AHIP 08132020 Economic Recovery Testimony.pdf
APCI Special Committee on Economic Recovery 8.13.20.pdf
BCBSKS Special Committee on Economic Recovery Testimony - Final - 08.13.20.pdf
Cargill Kansas Testimony Special Committee on Economic Recovery - Aug 13 2020 final.pdf
KAIA 2020-08-12 Pandemic Economic Impact Questions2.pdf
KFB testimony to Special Committee on Economic Recovery.pdf
KHA August 13 Final Testimony.pdf
KIOGA Crude Oil Market Dynamics Full Report (August 2020).pdf
KLA Testimony for Special Committee on Economic Recovery (Final) 8-13-2020.pdf
KMS Economic Impact Testimony.pdf
KSChamber Economic Recovery interim.pdf
LAK Econ Recovery testimony 081320 (002).pdf
NFIB Testimony - Special Committee on Economic Recovery.pdf
State Farm 2020_kansas_factsheet.pdf
State Farm 08132020 Testimony.pdf
State Farm Mutual Dividend - Kansas Ins Dept.pdf
KDHE Economic Recovery Interim Committee.pdf
KDHE What is Contact Tracing.pdf
KDHE What is Contact Tracing_business.pdf
KDOL Update Presentation 8.11.2020_FINAL (002).pdf
McCullough Reopening KS Economy 2020 JG -Russ 8-12-20.pdf
KBA Testimony on Impact of COVID - 19 on Business (Wed).pdf
KDOC Economic Recovery Committee Presentation 8.12.20.pdf
KLRD SGF profiles.pdf
KLRD Tax Rankings 08122020.pdf
KLRD Tax Receipts 08122020.pdf

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