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April 23, 2021
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Minutes for HB2173 - Committee on Agriculture

Short Title

Establishing a commercial industrial hemp program.

Minutes Content for Wed, Feb 20, 2019


The Chair called the Committee to work HB2173 - Establishing a commercial industrial hemp program.

Kyle Hamilton, Assistant Revisor, Office of The Revisor of Statutes provided an overview of HB2173.

The Chair opened debate on HB2173 and asked if there were any amendments.

Representative Karleskint presented an amendment and asked Mr Hamilton to review it for the Committee.  (Attachment 1)  Due to the complexity of the amendment, Mr Hamilton explained it as he would a normal bill brief.

Mr Hamilton and Representative Karleskint answered numerous questions concerning specific areas of the amendment from the Committee.  At the request of the Chair, Mr Hamilton reviewed each section of the amendment, identifying the difference between the current research program and the proposed commercial program.

Representative Karleskint asked Kenneth Titus, Chief Legal Counsel, Kansas Department of Agriculture (KDA), to explain the effects of the amendment on the research program.

Representative Karleskint explain how the amendment was created and the concerns from farmers, law enforcement, and the KDA.  This is an attempt to make the program as least restrictive as possible, while still addressing enforcement and funding issues.  Questions and concerns were voiced to Representative Karleskint and Mr Hamilton by several Committee Members. 

The Chair asked Representative Karleskint specifically if this amendment would allow KDA to include law enforcement rules and regulations in the commercial program.  The Representative deferred to Mr Titus, who advised that they would have the ability to promulgate rules and regulations to address some of these concerns. 

Discussion continued concerning transportation and the funding requirements for enforcement.  Katie Whisman, Executive Officer, Kansas Bureau of Investigations (KBI), was asked about the fiscal note from the bill passed last session.  She stated that the fiscal note for the hemp research bill was between $700,000 and just under $1,000,000.  The KBI has also added this amount to the fiscal note for this bill, due to the need for additional quantitative testing equipment and personnel.  KBI has contacted other states about the requirements for analysis and the cost associated with the testing.

Representative Karleskint moved to amend the language in HB2173 using the Karleskint Amendment. Representative Thompson seconded the motion.  The motion to amend was passed on a voice vote.


Representative Karleskint moved to amend HB2173 as amended, using a conceptual amendment changing the name of the act to The Commercial Industrial Hemp Act.  Representative Hibbard seconded the motion.  The motion to amend was passed on a voice vote.


Representative Karleskint moved to favorably pass HB2173 as amended. Representative Thompson seconded the motion.  The motion passed on a voice vote.


The Chair noted that this would be the last Committee Meeting before Turn Around.

The Chair adjourned the meeting at 4:24pm.