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Dec. 13, 2022
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Minutes for HB2244 - Committee on Judiciary

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Authorizing the use of cannabidiol treatment preparation to treat certain medical conditions.

Minutes Content for Tue, Mar 12, 2019

Chairperson Patton opened the hearing on HB2244.  Due to the number of conferees and their individual schedules, he explained the change in order and also at what point he would open the floor for questions.

Natalie Scott, Assistant Revisor, provided an overview of HB2244(Attachment 1) Ms. Scott addressed questions from the membership.

Eric Voth testified in opposition to HB2244 stating "it is a way to allow THC to be introduced as 'medicine' to CBD preparations, which means that these are marijuana preparations, not simply CBD". (Attachment 2)  He stood for questions.

Katie Whisman testified in opposition to HB2244 stating the bill "would bypass the safeguards established by the Food and Drug Administration to protect the public from dangerous and/or ineffective drugs, and through the legalization of relatively high amount of THC, opens the door to the legalization of marijuana and THC".  (Attachment 3) He stood for questions.

Ed Klumpp testified in opposition to HB2244 stating "CBD Oils with levels with THC as described in this bill are illegal under federal law".  In the past, Kansas citizens acted under state state law only to find themselves being prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced for the federal law violation.  Convictions that were upheld in federal appeals." (Attachment 4) He stood for questions.

Chardae Caine provided neutral testimony for HB2244 stating "our members strongly believe cities should have the ability to opt-in to allowing dispensaries in their city.  Additionally, cities must have the ability to regulate the location of retail and production operations as well as public, workplace, and vehicle consumption of medical marijuana, and any other needed regulation that may arise.". (Attachment 5) She stood for questions.

Representative Mark Schreiber testified in support of HB2244 stating "this legislation is a balanced approach to enabling parents and adults to relieve some of the suffering they experience daily.  It provides an affirmative defense if a person is stopped or apprehended with this oil in their possession, and can show they meet the conditions in the bill." (Attachment 6)  He stood for questions.

Allen Peake testified in support of HB2244 "to allow your citizens to have the legal right, in consultation with their doctor, to possess medical cannabis oil, with the proper amount of THC limitation, for multiple medical conditions". (Attachment 7)  He stood for questions.

Scott Hartley testified in support of HB2244 stating "we are hopeful that the low THC CBD oil that we would get for Lola would not only drastically reduce her seizures but also improve her extremely high muscle tone as well as accelerate her cognitive and physical development.  I cannot imagine Lola having a day where she doesn't seize 10-20 time daily." (Attachment 8) He stood for questions.

Gwen Hartley testified in support of HB2244 in hopes that she might improve the health of her 12-year old daughter born with Asparagine Synthetase Deficiency.  See Attachment 8. She stood for questions.

Nick Reinnecker testified in support of HB2244 however "it should be amended to De-Schedule cannabis, in all forms, from the Kansas state Controlled Substances Act and eliminate crimes regarding self-reliance and the possession, thereof".  (Attachment 9) He stood for questions.

Laci Jo Heatwole testified in support of HB2244 stating "from a medical professional standpoint, not only can low THC CBD oil help benefit people with neurologic conditions like Lissencephaly . . . or microcephaly . . . but it can also benefit people with Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, traumatic brain injuries, strokes and even cancer."  Additional benefits were also listed. (Attachment 10) She stood for questions.

Christopher Klug testified in support of HB2244 stating their 8 year old son has "Cerebral Palsy, Hydrocephalous . . . is deaf, blind and tube-fed".  He "may never talk or walk but our son still deserves a future where his quality of life is worth living". (Attachment 11) He stood for questions.

Ayla Klug testified in support of HB2244 providing details of everyday life with her stepson.  See Attachment 11.  She stood for questions.

Ben Broxterman testified in support of HB2244 stating "the ability to access low THC CBD oil would have been the Holy Grail as we sought to help our son". (Attachment 12)  He stood for questions.

The following written testimonies was submitted to the Committee in support of HB2244:

The following written testimonies was submitted to the Committee in opposition to HB2244 by:

When all questions from the Committee were answered, Chairperson Patton closed the hearing on HB2244.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:49pm.