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Aug. 13, 2022
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2019 Statute

Section Number

3-113 - Municipal airfields and airports; safety zones; issuance of bonds following election; tax levy, use of proceeds.
3-113a - Certain cities of second class; maintenance of airport or airfield; tax levy, use of proceeds.
3-113b - Bonds by certain cities of third class for purchasing, leasing, developing and equipping; election; debt limitations inapplicable; authority expires July 1, 1949.
3-114 - Regulation or control of airport in certain cities; bond issue; tax levy, amount.
3-115 - Rights and duties of cities.
3-116 - Lease and use of airport.
3-117 - Police power extended.
3-118 - Additional airports or fields in certain cities.
3-119 - Same; regulation.
3-119a - Joint ownership and operation by cities and counties; definitions.
3-120 - Joint ownership and operation by cities and counties; contracts.
3-121 - Same; use of general funds; general obligation bonds; protest petition and election; tax levies, use of proceeds.
3-122 - Same; leases.
3-123 - Same; rights and duties; eminent domain.
3-124 - Same; police power extended.
3-125 - Same; federal cooperation.
3-126 - Transfer of control to board of public utilities in certain cities over 100,000; indebtedness.
3-127 - Same; rates; employees; equipment; adjustment of water and light rates.
3-128 - Same; franchises and property.
3-129 - Same; duties of governing body; eminent domain.
3-130 - Same; rules and regulations; claims and accounts; powers.
3-131 - Same; duties of certain officers.
3-132 - Same; bond elections.
3-133 - Same; bond limitations; liens.
3-134 - Same; federal cooperation.
3-135 - Same; invalidity of part.
3-139 - Sale of airport near army or navy air base in second-class cities.
3-140 - Same; notice by publication; petition for election; notice of election.
3-141 - Same; disposition of moneys.
3-142 - Sale of surplus real estate by two or more cities.
3-143 - Same; negotiations; bids; deeds.
3-144 - Same; disposition of proceeds.
3-144a - Certain cities of the second class with two municipal airports.
3-144b - Same; discontinuance of airport authorized, when; sale of land; resolution.
3-144c - Same; contract; resolution; deed.
3-144d - Same; disposition of proceeds of sale.
3-144e - Certain cities of third class over 2,000 with municipal airport.
3-144f - Same; purchase of additional real estate for runway; sale of property; resolutions; deeds.
3-144g - Same; disposition of proceeds; use of funds.
3-144h - Discontinuance of airport and sale of real estate by certain cities under 10,000 in certain counties between 36,000 and 45,000.
3-144i - Same; contract; appraisers; resolution; conveyance.
3-144j - Same; advertisement for bids; sale, when; conveyance.
3-144k - Same; deposit of proceeds; use of funds.
3-144l - Sale of airport or airfield by certain cities of second class.
3-144m - Same; resolution, publication; petition for election; notice, conduct of election.
3-144n - Same; deed to purchaser.
3-144o - Same; disposition of proceeds.
3-145 - Revenue bonds in certain cities.
3-145a - Same; purposes in cities between 120,000 and 150,000; resolution, publication; election, when; limitations.
3-146 - Same; how paid.
3-147 - Same; how revenues kept and used.
3-148 - Same; liens; negotiable.
3-149 - Same; sale.
3-150 - Same; terms; disposition of excess funds.
3-151 - Same; contracts; protest petition; election.
3-152 - Bonds for additional facilities in certain cities under 80,000.
3-152a - Bonds for improvements to airports in certain cities; petition and election, when.
3-153 - "Municipality" defined.
3-154 - Issuance of special facilities revenue bonds by municipalities for revenue-producing airport facilities.
3-155 - Same; principal and interest payable solely from revenues.
3-156 - Same; disposition and use of revenues derived from airport facilities.
3-157 - Same; bonds constitute lien on revenues of facilities; recitals in bonds; conclusive validity in favor of purchasers; negotiability; debt limits inapplicable.
3-158 - Same; terms; disposition of excess funds.
3-159 - Same; resolution pledging revenues; resolution stating purpose and amount of bonds; redemption prior to maturity; publication of resolutions.
3-160 - Same; title to facilities to vest in municipality.
3-162 - Airport authority in certain cities; establishment.
3-163 - Same; members.
3-164 - Same; officers.
3-165 - Same; transaction of business.
3-166 - Same; contracts; employees.
3-167 - Same; powers, authority and control.
3-168 - Airport authority in certain counties; appointment of law enforcement officers.
3-169 - Same; authority of law enforcement officers.
3-170 - Same; qualifications of law enforcement officers.
3-171 - Same; contracts of board of directors with city or county for police protection.
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