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2019 Statute


36-502. License for lodging establishment required; application, form; inspection; denial, hearing; designation of type of unit; display; duplicate; fees; existing licenses continued in effect. (a) It shall be unlawful for any person to engage in the business of conducting a lodging establishment unless such person shall have in effect a valid license therefor issued by the secretary. Applications for such licenses shall be made on forms prescribed by the secretary, and each such application shall be accompanied by the appropriate license fee required by subsection (c). Prior to the issuance of any such license, the secretary shall inspect or cause to be inspected the lodging establishment designated in the application, to determine that it complies with the standards for lodging establishments promulgated pursuant to this act. If such lodging establishment is found to be in compliance, and the completed application and accompanying fees have been submitted, the secretary shall issue the license. If such lodging establishment is found not to be in compliance, the secretary shall deny such application after providing notice and opportunity for a hearing in accordance with the provisions of the Kansas administrative procedure act.

(b) Each license shall designate whether the licensed lodging unit is a hotel, rooming house or boarding house. Any person obtaining a license to engage in the business of conducting a rooming house or boarding house shall not have the right to use the name "hotel" in connection with such business. Every license issued hereunder shall be displayed conspicuously in the lodging establishment for which it is issued, and no such license shall be transferable to any other person or location. Whenever any such license is lost, destroyed or mutilated, a duplicate license shall be issued to any otherwise qualified licensee upon application therefor and the payment of a fee in the amount of $5.

(c) The fee for a license to conduct a lodging establishment in this state for all or any part of any calendar year shall be $30, except that the fee for any lodging establishment containing 10 sleeping rooms shall be $40 and for every additional 10 rooms therein, an additional fee of $10 shall be charged. All lodging establishments that are newly constructed, newly converted to use as a lodging establishment or have a change of ownership shall pay an application fee that may be adjusted in accordance with the type of establishment or based on other criteria as determined by the secretary, but in no event shall any application fee exceed $200 in addition to the license fee.

(d) Any lodging establishment that also has a food establishment license shall have a fee set by rule and regulation of the secretary. Such fee shall not exceed the fees for lodging establishments as provided in subsection (c).

(e) A guest house shall not be required to have a lodging license, but such guest house shall be required to be inspected if the secretary receives a complaint concerning such guest house and shall be subject to the temporary closure provisions of K.S.A. 36-515a(b), and amendments thereto.

(f) A lodging establishment operated in connection with any premises licensed, registered or permitted by the secretary of health and environment, the secretary for children and families, the secretary of corrections or the secretary for aging and disability services that is inspected and regulated pursuant to the respective law or rule and regulation of such secretary, shall not require a license as provided in this section, and the secretary of agriculture shall not be authorized to inspect or cause such premises to be inspected. This subsection shall not apply to a lodging establishment whose primary function is not in connection with any premises licensed, registered or permitted pursuant to the respective law or rule and regulation of such secretary.

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