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March 27, 2023
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2021 Statute

Section Number

58-9a,101 - Citation of act.
58-9a,102 - Definitions.
58-9a,103 - Scope.
58-9a,104 - Governing law.
58-9a,201 - Fiduciary duties; general principles.
58-9a,202 - Judicial review of exercise of discretionary power; request for instruction.
58-9a,203 - Fiduciary's power to adjust.
58-9a,301 - Definitions related to unitrusts.
58-9a,302 - Application; duties and remedies.
58-9a,303 - Authority of fiduciary.
58-9a,304 - Notice to fiduciaries.
58-9a,305 - Unitrust policy; requirements.
58-9a,306 - Same; unitrust rate.
58-9a,307 - Same; applicable value.
58-9a,308 - Same; period required; optional standards.
58-9a,309 - Special tax benefits; other rules.
58-9a,401 - Character of receipts from entity.
58-9a,402 - Receipts from distribution from trust or estate.
58-9a,403 - Accounting for business or other activity conducted by fiduciary.
58-9a,404 - Principal receipts.
58-9a,405 - Receipts from rental property.
58-9a,406 - Receipt from obligation to be paid in money.
58-9a,407 - Receipts from insurance policy or contract.
58-9a,408 - Insubstantial allocation not required.
58-9a,409 - Receipts from deferred compensation, annuity or similar payment.
58-9a,410 - Receipts produced by a liquidating asset.
58-9a,411 - Receipts from interest in minerals, water and other natural resources.
58-9a,412 - Receipts from sale of timber.
58-9a,413 - Marital deduction property not productive of income.
58-9a,414 - Receipts from derivative or option.
58-9a,415 - Receipts from asset-backed security.
58-9a,416 - Receipts from other financial instrument or arrangement.
58-9a,501 - Disbursement from income.
58-9a,502 - Disbursement from principal.
58-9a,503 - Transfer from income to principal for depreciation.
58-9a,504 - Reimbursement of income from principal.
58-9a,505 - Reimbursement of principal from income.
58-9a,506 - Income taxes.
58-9a,507 - Adjustment between income and principal because of taxes.
58-9a,601 - Determination and distribution of net income.
58-9a,602 - Distribution to successor beneficiary.
58-9a,701 - When right to income begins and ends.
58-9a,702 - Apportionment of receipts and disbursements when decedent dies or income interest begins.
58-9a,703 - Apportionment when income interest ends.
58-9a,801 - Uniformity of application and construction.
58-9a,802 - Relation to electronic signatures in global and national commerce act.
58-9a,803 - Application to trust or estate.
58-9a,804 - Severability.
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