Kansas Legislature

SB 208

AN ACT concerning campaign finance; relating to the governmental ethics commission; modifying the investigatory and enforcement powers thereof and the schedule of registration fees for political committees; expanding the list of allowable expenditures from contributions; amending K.S.A. 25-4143, 25-4145, 25-4153a, 25-4157a, 25-4158, 25-4161, 25-4163, 25-4165, 25-4181 and 25-4182 and repealing the existing sections.

Senate - Motion to concur offered. Substitute motion to nonconcur and appoint a conference failed. - 03/29/2023

On roll call the vote was:

Yea - (10):

Baumgardner, Francisco, Haley, Holland, Holscher, Pittman, Pyle, Steffen, Straub, Ware,

Nay - (30):

Alley, Billinger, Blasi, Bowers, Claeys, Corson, Dietrich, Doll, Erickson, Fagg, Faust-Goudeau, Gossage, Kerschen, Kloos, Longbine, Masterson, McGinn, O'Shea, Olson, Peck, Petersen, Pettey, Reddi, Ryckman, Shallenburger, Sykes, Thompson, Tyson, Warren, Wilborn,

Present and Passing - (0):

Absent and Not Voting - (0):

Not Voting - (0):