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June 23, 2024
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HB 2690

AN ACT concerning emergency communication services; establishing the state 911 board; abolishing the 911 coordinating council; transferring the powers, duties and functions of the 911 coordinating council to the state 911 board; authorizing the board to appoint an executive director and other employees to carry out the powers, duties and functions of the board; abolishing the 911 operations fund, the 911 state grant fund and the 911 state fund and establishing the state 911 operations fund, the state 911 grant fund and the state 911 fund in the state treasury; authorizing counties to contract for the provision of 911 PSAP services with another county; amending K.S.A. 12-5362, 12-5363, 12-5364, 12-5365, 12-5366, 12-5367, 12-5368, 12-5368, as amended by section 16 of this act, 12-5368, as amended by section 17 of this act, 12-5369, 12-5370, 12-5371, 12-5372, 12-5374, 12-5374, as amended by section 23 of this act, 12-5374, as amended by section 24 of this act, 12-5375, 12-5375, as amended by section 26 of this act, 12-5375, as amended by section 27 of this act, and 12-5377 and repealing the existing sections; also repealing K.S.A. 12-5364, as amended by section 12 of this act, 12-5378 and 12-5379.

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House - Final Action - Passed as amended; - 02/22/2024

On roll call the vote was:

Yea - (117):

Alcala, Amyx, Anderson, Awerkamp, Ballard, Barth, Bergkamp, Bergquist, Blew, Blex, Bloom, Borjon, Bryce, Buehler, Butler, Carlin, Carmichael, B. Carpenter, W. Carpenter, Carr, Clifford, Collins, Concannon, Corbet, Croft, Curtis, Delperdang, Dodson, Droge, Ellis, Eplee, Essex, Estes, Featherston, Francis, Garber, Gardner, Goddard, Goetz, Haskins, Haswood, Hawkins, Hoffman, Hoheisel, Hougland, Howe, Howell, Howerton, Hoye, Humphries, Jacobs, Johnson, Kessler, Landwehr, Lewis, Martinez, Mason, Maughan, McDonald, McNorton, Melton, Meyer, D. Miller, S. Miller, V. Miller, Minnix, Moser, Murphy, Neelly, Neighbor, Ohaebosim, Oropeza, Osman, Ousley, Owens, Penn, Pickert, Poetter Parshall, Poskin, Probst, Proctor, Rahjes, Resman, Rhiley, Roth, L. Ruiz, S. Ruiz, Sanders, Sawyer, Sawyer Clayton, Schlingensiepen, Schmoe, Schreiber, Seiwert, A. Smith, C. Smith, E. Smith, Stogsdill, Sutton, Tarwater, Thomas, Titus, Turk, Turner, Underhill, Vaughn, Waggoner, Wasinger, Waymaster, Weigel, White, K. Williams, L. Williams, Winn, Woodard, Xu, Younger,

Nay - (3):

Fairchild, Helgerson, Hill,

Present but not Voting - (0):

Absent and Not Voting - (5):

Donohoe, Highberger, Houser, Robinson, Thompson,

Not Voting - (0):