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April 16, 2024
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2024 Laws Report

Bills Approved By Governor

SB15 - Bill by Financial Institutions and Insurance
Increasing the maximum amount of yearly income tax credits available for purchases under the disability employment act from qualified vendors, continuing in existence such credits beyond tax year 2023 of eligible purchases available for such credit and further defining qualifying vendors and employees eligible for the credit, establishing a grant program to facilitate transitions by employers to minimum wage employment for persons with disabilities and creating the Kansas sheltered workshop transition fund.
SB195 - Bill by Ways and Means
Authorizing the children's cabinet to form a 501(c)(3) for fundraising for the Dolly Parton imagination library book gifting program.
SB307 - Bill by Ways and Means
Adding for-profit private entity to the definition of "qualified applicant" in the Kansas fights addiction act.
SB331 - Bill by Senator Kerschen
Removing the definition of lead-free and an exception for leaded joints in the public water supply systems law and updating terminology relating to hazardous waste generated by certain persons.
SB336 - Bill by Agriculture and Natural Resources
Removing the requirement for underground storage tank operating permits to be obtained annually.
SB345 - Bill by Federal and State Affairs
Enacting the commercial financing disclosure act.
SB360 - Bill by Education
Allowing a taxpayer to elect the taxable year in which a subtraction modification for contributions to a 529 program account, ABLE account or first-time home buyer savings account would be applied and authorizing the state treasurer to appoint a 529 program advisory committee.
SB362 - Bill by Local Government
Repealing the expiration provisions of the Sedgwick county urban area nuisance abatement act.
SB379 - Bill by Judiciary
Providing a longer time for notice to creditors by publication when a petition for administration or probate of a will is filed, changing the process for transferring personal property by affidavit in small estates and modifying time requirements for notice by publication related to sales at public auction in the Kansas probate code.
SB381 - Bill by Judiciary
Authorizing the board of county commissioners of any county that is not the most populous county in a multiple-county judicial district to appoint a coroner to serve as the district coroner for the county at the expense of the county.
SB399 - Bill by Transportation
Requiring vehicle dealers and salvage vehicle dealers to file monthly reports by the 25th day of the month.
SB405 - Bill by Financial Institutions and Insurance
Holding a control person liable for violations of the Kansas uniform securities act by an individual subject to discipline under the act unless the control person was unaware and could not reasonably have known of the violations of such individual.
SB424 - Bill by Federal and State Affairs
Providing for geographic positions or locations of points within the state of Kansas under the Kansas plane coordinate system act.
SB430 - Bill by Commerce
Providing workers compensation act coverage for the Kansas national guard, limiting benefit reductions for retirement benefits, increasing dependents death benefits, reducing certain functional impairment requirements, increasing compensation for certain disability categories and for treatment without authorization, raising the evidentiary standard for future medical treatment, limiting certain procedures for post-award medical benefit claims, allowing benefit payment by funds transfer or payment cards, establishing procedures for neutral healthcare examinations, exchanges and admission of medical reports, extending employee injury notification deadlines, eliminating the deadline for motions to avoid dismissal for lack of prosecution, providing for expedited settlement and digital recording of hearings and other changes to the workers compensation act.
SB431 - Bill by Senators Blasi, Bowers, Wilborn
Directing the capitol preservation committee to approve plans for a memorial honoring Emil Joseph Kapaun.
SB433 - Bill by Public Health and Welfare
Clarifying practice privileges of institutional license holders.
SB462 - Bill by Transportation
Authorizing the director of vehicles to adopt rules and regulation for participation in the federal motor carrier safety administration's drug and alcohol clearinghouse program and authorizing the director of vehicles to waive the commercial driver's license knowledge and skills test for an applicant that provides evidence that such applicant qualifies for the military even exchange program.
SB481 - Bill by Ways and Means
Renaming Kansas state university polytechnic campus as Kansas state university Salina.
SB491 - Bill by Judiciary
Standardizing criminal history record check fingerprinting language and defining who may be fingerprinted for a criminal history record check.
HB2247 - Bill by Financial Institutions and Insurance
Senate Substitute for HB 2247 by Committee on Financial Institutions and Insurance - Modifying certain terms, definitions, deadlines and provisions contained in the uniform consumer credit code and transferring mortgage provisions from the uniform consumer credit code to the Kansas mortgage business act.
HB2353 - Bill by Judiciary
Increasing the amount of time a person may be held for treatment and adding criteria for when continued treatment may be ordered under the care and treatment act for mentally ill persons.
HB2358 - Bill by Federal and State Affairs
Permitting mid-level practitioners to provide medical certification to attest to an individual's cause of death to file a death certificate.
HB2453 - Bill by Appropriations
Enacting the dentist and dental hygienist compact to provide interstate practice privileges for dentists and dental hygienists.
HB2477 - Bill by Representative Rahjes
Increasing the maximum reimbursement from the Kansas agricultural remediation fund from $200,000 to $300,000 for an eligible person and from $400,000 to $600,000 when both a buyer and a seller or a lessee and a lessor are responsible for remediation and increasing the amount available to the Kansas agricultural remediation board for administrative overhead expenses from $150,000 to $175,000.
HB2483 - Bill by Legislative Post Audit Committee
Eliminating the requirement to conduct a recurring 911 implementation audit, a recurring KPERS audit and certain economic development incentive audits.
HB2484 - Bill by Representative Ruiz, S.
Enacting the social work licensure compact to provide interstate practice privileges for social workers.
HB2491 - Bill by
Abolishing the law enforcement training center fund; all liabilities of such fund are transferred to and imposed on the state general fund; moneys previously credited to such fund shall be credited to the state general fund.
HB2525 - Bill by Agriculture and Natural Resources
Providing for additional sources of revenue for the water program management fund and creating additional fees for the regulation of underground injection control wells.
HB2536 - Bill by Child Welfare and Foster Care
Establishing the SOUL family legal permanency option for children 16 years of age or older.
HB2545 - Bill by Commerce, Labor and Economic Development
Providing for the sale of property not retrieved by an occupant after notice, allowing electronic signatures and delivery for rental agreements, defining property that has no commercial value, providing for the deemed effectiveness of rental agreements not signed or delivered by an owner or occupant and specifying custody of abandoned or towed property under the self-service storage act.
HB2549 - Bill by Judiciary
Changing the lists of persons who are required to be given notice of the hearing on a petition for an independent or stepparent, private agency or public agency adoption and limiting a petition to terminate parental rights to adoption proceedings and setting requirements for such petitions filed separately from petitions for adoption.
HB2557 - Bill by Judiciary
Expanding the definition of "peer support counseling session" in the rules of evidence.
HB2561 - Bill by Financial Institutions and Pensions
Authorizing domestic credit unions to operate outside of the state, providing civil penalties for certain violations, allowing the administrator to enter into informal agreements, removing requirements regarding duplicate filings, establishing appeals procedures for suspended credit and supervisory committee members and requiring the members of a merged credit union to approve such merger.
HB2587 - Bill by Local Government
Authorizing the board of directors for a drainage district to hold a meeting in executive session in accordance with the open meetings act.
HB2590 - Bill by Energy, Utilities and Telecommunications
Updating the maximum penalties that may be imposed by the state corporation commission for pipeline safety violations to comply with requirements of the federal pipeline and hazardous materials safety administration.
HB2604 - Bill by Judiciary
Increasing the dollar amount for a small claim to $10,000.
HB2605 - Bill by Judiciary
Increasing the maximum rate paid to appointed counsel for an indigent person.
HB2615 - Bill by Elections
Providing for the publishing, printing and distributing of state laws and administrative rules and regulations.
HB2628 - Bill by Child Welfare and Foster Care
Requiring the secretary for children and families to release certain information related to a child fatality when criminal charges are filed alleging that a person caused such fatality.
HB2629 - Bill by Child Welfare and Foster Care
Requiring the secretary for health and environment to provide a death certificate of a child to the state child death review board, increasing the number of board members, allowing for compensation and providing for the disclosure of certain records to certain persons for securing grants.
HB2632 - Bill by Federal and State Affairs
Expanding membership of the law enforcement memorial advisory committee to include a representative of the Kansas chapter of concerns of police survivors to be appointed by the governor.
HB2634 - Bill by Water
Providing an additional corrective control provision for the chief engineer to consider when issuing orders of designations for local enhanced managements areas and intensive groundwater use control areas.
HB2660 - Bill by Elections
Modifying requirements related to certain business entity filings with the secretary of state, authorizing a change of registered office address by a current occupant under the business entity standard treatment act and changing the information required in an amendment to the articles of incorporation for a cooperative.
HB2661 - Bill by Local Government
Requiring vacancies in county commissioner districts created by an increase in the number of commissioner districts be filled at the next general election and providing for staggered terms for such newly elected county commissioners.
HB2665 - Bill by Corrections and Juvenile Justice
Increasing criminal penalties for a driver who leaves the scene of a vehicular accident when the accident results in the death of any person or more than one person, if the driver knew or reasonably should have known that such accident resulted in injury or death.
HB2675 - Bill by Judiciary
Enacting the uniform nonparent visitation act. 
HB2690 - Bill by Energy, Utilities and Telecommunications
Abolishing the 911 coordinating council and establishing the state 911 board; abolishing the 911 operations fund, 911 state fund and 911 state grant fund outside of the state treasury and establishing the state 911 operations fund, state 911 fund and state 911 grant fund in the state treasury; increasing the minimum county distribution of 911 moneys; and authorizing counties to contract with other counties for the provision of 911 PSAP services.
HB2703 - Bill by Education
Including placement in foster care as a criteria for a student to be eligible for at-risk programs and services.
HB2745 - Bill by Commerce, Labor and Economic Development
Providing that military spouses of active military servicemembers shall be exempted from all occupational licensing, registration and certification fees.
HB2754 - Bill by Judiciary
Authorizing counties to use home rule powers to exempt from conducting school sanitary inspections.
HB2781 - Bill by Judiciary
Allowing compensation from the crime victims compensation board to be awarded for criminally injurious conduct, and increasing the amount that can be transferred from the crime victims compensation fund to the crime victims assistance fund in each fiscal year.
HB2783 - Bill by Federal and State Affairs
Prohibiting a state agency, city or county from restricting the sale or use of motor vehicles based on the energy source used for the vehicles; allowing a state agency, city and county to have their own purchase policies for motor vehicles.
HB2790 - Bill by Commerce, Labor and Economic Development
Transferring registration requirements and related compliance oversight and enforcement authority for professional employer organizations from the commissioner of insurance to the secretary of labor, granting the secretary responsibility over the professional employer organization fee fund and ensuring that welfare benefit plans offered by professional employer organizations to employees and covered employees are treated as a single employer welfare benefit plan for purposes of state law.

Bills Becoming Law Without Governors Signature

SB394 - Bill by Judiciary
Requiring the use of age-verification technology to permit access to internet websites containing material that is harmful to minors.

Bills Vetoed By Governor; Veto Overridden

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