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2012 Statute

Section Number

68-501 - County engineer, appointment, qualifications, approval; termination of appointment, when.
68-502 - Duties of county engineer.
68-503 - Joint county engineer districts; employment of engineer.
68-504 - Office, assistants, supplies and clerical help for county or district engineer.
68-505 - Bond of engineer.
68-506 - Classification and designation of roads in noncounty unit road system counties.
68-506a - City connecting link in county highway; city tax levy and bonds.
68-506b - Same; validation of certain acts of cities; letting of contracts; change of route; eminent domain.
68-506c - Same; apportionment of costs.
68-506d - Same; city to maintain roads.
68-506f - City connecting links in county highway system; agreements for maintenance; compensation or maintenance by county.
68-506g - Designating certain roads located in and out of city as part of county system; improvement and maintenance of.
68-508 - Maps of county roads; filing by county engineer for correction and approval.
68-509 - Elimination of grade crossings; division of costs between railroad and county; eminent domain; publication notice; appeal from award; warning signals.
68-515b - Adoption of county road unit system; procedure.
68-516 - Classification of highways in county unit road counties.
68-516a - County unit system; payment over and use of township funds.
68-516b - Same; delivery of machinery and equipment; appraisement; expenditures within township; assumption of township contracts.
68-516c - Same; issuance of county no-fund warrants, when.
68-516e - County unit system; payments to county from surplus in township general fund; use.
68-517 - Abandonment of county road unit system; election; contracts.
68-518 - Same; petition for election.
68-518c - Tax levies by townships in noncounty unit counties; limitation; petition for election.
68-520 - County road work by or without contract; machinery and equipment; plans and specifications to be filed.
68-521 - Letting of certain contracts; plans and specifications; publication notice; bids, surety; award; bond of contractor; duty of county attorney; inspection by engineer; roads damaged or destroyed by disaster.
68-522 - Itemized bills for county road work, construction or repairs.
68-523 - Township board of highway commissioners.
68-524 - Same; meetings.
68-525 - Township board of highway commissioners; records and accounts; compensation.
68-526 - Duties of township board; plans, materials and equipment; traffic-control devices and signs.
68-527 - Maintenance, improvement and inspection of roads on county or township lines.
68-527a - Settlement of disputes over maintenance, improvement or inspection of roads on county or township lines; district courts; appeal.
68-529 - Deflection of road on county, township or city line; division of cost.
68-530 - Township road overseer; assistants; trustee as overseer in certain counties; repair and improvement work on township roads; limitation; compensation.
68-531 - Same; compensation; bond; tenure.
68-532 - Letting township contracts.
68-534 - Dragging township roads; patrolman; compensation; penalties for unlawful acts.
68-536 - Township roads; use of tax moneys.
68-538 - Reports of township overseer.
68-539 - Reports of the township clerk.
68-540 - Reports by county engineers or road supervisors.
68-541 - Forms for accounts and reports.
68-542 - Meetings of county and township road officials; compensation.
68-543 - In counties under county unit road system; culverts over ditches in front of private property; costs by county or city; additional culverts or new entrances; costs to owner; procedures; penalty.
68-543a - In counties not under county unit road system; culverts over ditches in front of private property; costs; additional culverts or new entrances; procedures; penalty.
68-544 - Tunnels under roads by landowners; approval; costs.
68-545 - Unlawful obstructions, excavations, removal of materials, dumping trash or other materials or plowing of roads; penalty; payment of cost to restore.
68-547 - Highways subject to act[*].
68-548 - Penalties for violations by officers.
68-549 - Penalties for violations by individuals.
68-550 - Continuance of special laws.
68-551 - Mail route inspections; repair.
68-552 - Same; act supplemental.
68-553 - Uniform standard specifications for lumber and timber products for highway purposes.
68-554 - Carload lots; engineer's specifications to bidders; certificate of inspection; affidavit as to preservative treatment.
68-555 - Unlawful purchases.
68-556 - Competitive bids required for carload purchases; proposal forms; time.
68-557 - Penalty for noncompliance.
68-559a - Roads and bridges, construction and reconstruction; tax levy, use of proceeds; extension of period for levy; protest petition and election.
68-559b - Same; expenditures.
68-559c - Same; federal or state aid.
68-560 - Certain townships may turn over maintenance, repair and construction of roads to county; election; resolution; petition; abandonment.
68-561 - Same; procedure upon adoption of act; tax levies; use of machinery.
68-572 - Intergovernmental agreements for road construction and maintenance; county, city and township.
68-573 - Certain counties over 175,000; adoption of master highway development plan; preliminary plans and specifications, approval, filing, cost, how paid.
68-574 - Same; notice of filing of plans; adoption of master development plan; resolution, contents; publication; election.
68-575 - Same; form of ballot.
68-576 - Same; procedure when plan approved; application of 68-704.
68-577 - Same; issuance of bonds; limitations.
68-580 - Designation of streets and roads as arterial highways; definitions.
68-581 - Same; primary arterial highways; designation and financing.
68-581a - Same; use of moneys received from special city and county highway fund by certain cities; purpose.
68-582 - Designation of secondary arterial highways, when; cooperative financing; agreement; use of funds.
68-583 - Same; acquisition of lands for rights of way; costs.
68-584 - Secondary arterial highways; issuance of bonds to pay costs; election, when.
68-585 - Same; feasibility studies by boards; costs, how paid.
68-586 - Counties between 130,000 and 170,000; highway bonds; election.
68-587 - Same; bond debt limitation.
68-588 - Same; construction contracts; standards.
68-589 - Special highway improvement fund; definitions.
68-590 - Same; fund provided; transfers; budget effect.
68-591 - General county rural highway system; procedure for adoption; election required.
68-592 - Classifications of highways; definitions.
68-593 - Procedure upon adoption; payment of funds by townships to county treasurer; use; duties of treasurer.
68-594 - Same; transfer of equipment and road machinery.
68-595 - Same; surplus in general fund of township; payment to county treasurer, when.
68-596 - County rural highway system; tax levy, use of proceeds; election required.
68-597 - Procedure upon adoption; abandonment of system.
68-598 - Same; petition for election.
68-5,100 - County roads; construction and maintenance; tax levy, use of proceeds; election required.
68-5,101 - County roads and bridges; tax levies, use of proceeds.
68-5,102 - Declaration of minimum maintenance roads; procedure; posting of road; limitation of tort liability.
68-5,103 - Road improvements in counties over 300,000; bonds; election; limitation.