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Dec. 15, 2019
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Minutes for HB2343 - Committee on Public Health and Welfare

Short Title

Ensuring nondiscrimination of organ transplants on the basis of disability.

Minutes Content for Wed, Jan 17, 2018

Chairperson Schmidt opened the Hearing on HB2343, which would ensure nondiscrimination of organ transplants on the basis of disability.

Scott Abbott, Staff Revisor, gave an overview of HB2343. Mr Abbott then answered questions from the Committee.

Representative Erin Davis, the sponsor of HB2343, shared a personal story of her nephew. He required and received a kidney transplant and while he suffered no discrimination, it was this experience that inspired Representative Davis to work on legislation that would ensure that disabled Kansans would not be discriminated against solely because of their disability when needing an organ transplant. (Attachment 1)

Rocky Nichols testified as a proponent, He stated that HB2343 is patterned after a law in Maryland. (Attachment 2) Included with his testimony is a policy brief from ASAN (Autistic Self Advocacy Network). (Attachment 3)

Rick Cagan gave testimony in support of HB2343, testifying that, "People with disabilities, including but not limited to mental illness, should not be discriminated against and denied access to organ transplants just because they have a disability." (Attachment 4)

As a proponent of HB2343, Mike Oxford stated that "people with disabilities ought to be able to qualify for organ transplants under the same criteria and conditions as their peers without disabilities." (Attachment 5)

Jawanda Mast is the mother of a daughter with Down Syndrome. As an advocate for her daughter and a disability rights activist, she supports HB2343 to ensure non-discrimination of organ transplants on the basis of disability. (Attachment 6)

Sarah Long is the mother to a five year old daughter with Down Syndrome who has had several open-heart surgeries. She urges support of HB2343. In speaking about her daughter and those with disabilities she testified that they deserve non discriminatory health care.(Attachment 7)

Terry Larson testified as a proponent for HB2343 as one who suffers from several health issues, and at one time was in need of a kidney transplant. She encourages passage of this bill to add Kansas to the list of states that prohibit discrimination based on disability in organ transplants. (Attachment 8)

The Committee then asked questions of those testifying.

Written proponent testimony  was submitted by:

Sarah Meitner, Northwest Kansas Down Syndrome Society (Attachment 9)

Sara Hart Weir, National Down Syndrome Society (Attachment 10)

Mike Wasmer, Autism Speaks (Attachment 11)

Moya Peterson, PhD, APRN (Attachment 12)

Mary Cassidy, Individual (Attachment 13)

Sarah Otto, Advocacy in Motion (Attachment 14)

Amy Allison, Down Syndrome Guild of Greater KC (Attachment 15)

Nasreen Talib, MD., Children's Mercy Hospital (Attachment 16)

Chairperson Schmidt closed the hearing on HB2343.