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Dec. 15, 2019
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Minutes for HB2470 - Committee on Federal and State Affairs

Short Title

Alcoholic beverages; microbreweries; contract brewing.

Minutes Content for Mon, Jan 29, 2018

Chairperson Barker directed the Committee's attention to HB2470.  Representative Ruiz asked that the Revisor give an overview of the bill.  Jason Long, Revisor, provided that overview. 

Chairperson Barker asked what the pleasure of the Committee was as to HB2470.

Representative Awerkamp moved to recommend HB2470 favorably for passage, seconded by Representative Carpenter.

Representative Awerkamp moved to amend HB2470, seconded by Representative Whitmer.

Representative Awerkamp stated that the amendment (Attachment 1) has two changes which were recommended by the Alcoholic Beverage Control Division.  The main change is a clarification relating to the transfer of the beer made by the brewery with the contract to state that that beer may be transferred back to the contracting brewery.  The second amendment relates to the addition of hard cider. 

Following a short discussion, Representative Awerkamp closed on his motion to amend HB2470.  A vote was taken, and the amendment to HB2470 was approved.

Representative Awerkamp moved to recommend HB2470, as amended, favorably for passage, seconded by Representative Humphries.  A vote was taken, and HB2470, as amended was passed favorably.

Chairperson Barker stated that Representative Awerkamp would carry the bill.

Chairperson Barker stated that HB2498 is set for hearing on Thursday, February 1, 2018.  He understands there will be a number of conferees and he requested that the Committee read the bill prior to that time.

Chairperson Barker opened the floor for additional requests for bill introductions.  There were none.

Chairperson Barker adjourned the meeting at 9:12 a.m.