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Dec. 15, 2019
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Minutes for SB307 - Committee on Federal and State Affairs

Short Title

Amendments to the Kansas amusement ride act concerning home-owned amusement rides and agritourism activities.

Minutes Content for Tue, Feb 6, 2018

Matt Sterling,  Revisor of Statues, presented an overview on SB307, which amends the Kansas Amusement Rides Act to prohibit a home-owned and agro-tourism from operating without a valid permit. 

The fiscal note was available for the committee to review.

Questions and comments were make by Senators: Richard Hilderbrand, Oletha Faust-Goudeau, Richard Billinger and Ty Masterson.


Senator Richard Billinger spoke in support of the bill for home owned carnivals for county fairs that are operated from 3 to 8 days a year.   (Attachment 1)

It was also noted that the Department of Labor is requesting a change of date to July 1, 2018 instead of upon printing in the statute books.

Discussion ensued.

Melissa Ness, Kansas Recreation and Parks Association Kansas, spoke as a proponent to SB307. She spoke of the bills impact on local community based recreation, safety and protection to the public. Ms. Ness noted that they would like the exclusion of all community based water slides from this bill. She commented that local slides are purchased from a manufacturer to meet safety standards. (Attachment 2)

Questions and comments were made.

Senator Bud Estes talked about an amendment to exempt community based water slides and zip lines.

Tony Findley, Hutchinson Recreation Commission, spoke to the committee regarding using the standard of a 20 foot or less water slide, as it would help smaller communities to have the ability to have the slides for recreation purposes.

Ellen Pratt, Hoxie Kansas, Sheridan County Amusement Company spoke in support of SB307. (Attachment 3)

Chris Glenn, Skyzone General Manager, Topeka also spoke in support of SB307(Attachment 4)

Eric Smith, League of Municipalities offered testimony supporting SB307. (Attachment 5)

Celia Goering, Kansas Christmas Tree Grower Association gave testimony in support of SB307. (Attachment 6)

Senator Bud Estes commented about hay rides and that the amendments would exclude hay rides.

Senator Rob Olson posed a question to Eric Smith about why we could not exempt city pools in this bill.

Gary Starr, Gary's Berries spoke as a proponent to SB307(Attachment7)

Senator Bruce Givens asked if they charge for hay rides and Mr. Starr noted that the ride is included in entrance fee.

Celia Goering, Christmas Tree Farm, noted that they provide transportation to and from tree cutting areas on their hay rides.

Robert Loftin, Wallace County Amusement Association spoke in support of SB307. (Attachment 8)

Marlea James, Department of Labor, offered support to SB307(Attachment 9)

Questions and comments were make by the Senators: Bud Estes and Lynn Rogers.

Brad Burk, Chief Attorney Department of Labor, and  Marlea James, Department of Labor helped to answer committee questions.

Written Proponents

These individuals submitted written only testimony in support of SB307.

1. Jennifer Bruning, Executive Director, Kansas State Alliance of YMCAs (Attachment 10)

2. Nathan Eberline, Kansas Association of Counties (Attachment 11)

3. Marlee Carpenter, Travel Industry Assoc. (Attachment 12)

4.Daniel Yoza, City of Olathe (Attachment 13)

5. Alley Porter, City of Prairie Village (Attachment 14)

6. City of Lenexa (Attachment 15)

7. Christine Smith, Self (Attachment 16)

8. Keil Mangus, City of Manhattan (Attachment 17)


There were no opponents or neutrals to SB307.

The hearing on SB307 was closed.

Chair Bud Estes adjourned the meeting at 11:53 am.