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2019 Statute

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2-1208.Violations; misdemeanor; seizure; injunction. (1) It shall be deemed a violation of this act for any person to sell, offer or expose for sale, or distribute in this state any commercial fertilizer or to take or receive from any person in this state any order for any commercial fertilizer, or to directly or indirectly contract with any person for the sale of any commercial fertilizer which commercial fertilizer: (a) Is not registered; (b) is not labeled as required by the provisions of this act and the authorized rules and regulations; (c) bears a false or misleading statement on the application for registration, the label or the advertising accompanying the commercial fertilizer.

(2) It shall be deemed a violation of this act for any person to: (a) Mutilate, destroy, obliterate or remove the label or any part thereof; or do any act which may result in the misbranding or false labeling of any commercial fertilizer; (b) fail or neglect to file the tonnage reports or affidavit or pay the inspection fee as required by this act; (c) impede, obstruct, hinder or otherwise prevent or attempt to prevent the secretary or authorized agents of the secretary in the performance of their duty in connection with the administration of the provisions of this act.

(3) Any person who shall violate any of the provisions of this act or the rules and regulations issued thereunder, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be fined not more than one hundred dollars for the first violation and not less than one or more than five hundred dollars for each subsequent violation.

(4) Any commercial fertilizer not in compliance with the provisions of this act shall be deemed a nuisance and shall be subject to seizure in a proceeding before a court of competent jurisdiction. In the event the said court finds the commercial fertilizer to be in violation of law the court may release the commercial fertilizer, after the filing of a bond by a proper claimant to insure compliance with the order of the court and to insure that the product will be sold or disposed of in compliance with law. The district courts of the state of Kansas shall have jurisdiction to restrain violations of this act by injunction without any criminal proceeding being first initiated.

(5) It shall not be deemed a violation of this act for the secretary or authorized representatives of the secretary to remove a label or any part thereof from a package or container of commercial fertilizer as evidence in connection with the administration of the provisions of this act.

History: L. 1927, ch. 14, § 8; L. 1949, ch. 2, § 6; July 1.

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