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2019 Statute


25-3001.Reading, counting and recording votes; entries and totals on tally sheets. Election boards shall make the original canvass according to the following procedure:

(a) A ballot box shall be opened and a judge designated by the supervising judge shall take the ballots out of the box either one at a time or in limited quantities as authorized by the supervising judge.

(b) A judge shall read and announce the vote on the ballot for each candidate. In reading and announcing the vote on ballots, the judge shall so place the ballot that another member of the election board may view the ballot as the vote is announced. The clerks shall make a tally mark opposite the name of each candidate receiving a vote as announced by the judge. Such tally marks shall be made upon tally sheets provided by the county election officer. The supervising judge may direct a judge to perform the functions of a clerk for limited periods during the canvass and thereby temporarily relieve one or both clerks.

(c) After one judge announces the votes upon a ballot, he shall hand the same to a second judge, who shall examine it and dispose of it as provided in this act.

(d) Void and blank ballots shall be announced by the judge, and the clerks shall make one tally mark for each such ballot opposite the proper designation on the tally sheet.

(e) From time to time during the canvass the clerks shall compare tally sheets and reconcile any differences to the satisfaction of a majority of the election board. When the canvass is completed, the number of votes received by each candidate shall be written in the indicated place on the tally sheet.

History: L. 1968, ch. 406, § 30; April 30.