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2019 Statute

Section Number

31-132 - Fire safety and prevention; definitions.
31-132a - Fire safety and prevention; apartment house, defined.
31-133 - Fire marshal; power and duties; rules and regulations.
31-133a - Fire extinguishers; inspection, installation or service, certification by state fire marshal; rules and regulations; fees.
31-134 - Adoption of rules and regulations, procedure; distribution; fees; remittance; designated as fire prevention code; judicial review.
31-134a - Same; compliance with certain building codes deemed compliance with fire prevention code.
31-135 - Advisory committees to assist fire marshal; membership; no compensation.
31-136 - Same; exemptions from regulations, when; procedure.
31-137 - Same; enforcement of act and regulations; investigations; entry and examination of buildings and premises; report, filing.
31-138 - Same; hearings; information and evidence to attorney general or county attorney; prosecution; assistance by state fire marshal.
31-139 - Same; right of entry to determine compliance with law and regulations; complaint; order to cease and desist.
31-140 - Same; appeals from orders; notice and hearing; decisions; compliance.
31-141 - Same; powers of fire marshal in conduct of hearing; subpoena of witnesses and records; record of proceedings; statement; failure to comply with subpoena, effect; order by district court; service of process; costs, taxation.
31-142 - Judicial review of fire marshal's action.
31-143 - Fire marshal authorized to advise and assist state civil defense director; assistance to municipalities; responsibilities and duties of state fire marshal.
31-144 - School buildings; definition; inspection; correction of violations; closing in lieu of repair; judicial review.
31-145 - Powers of actual members of organized fire departments.
31-146 - Mandatory provisions of regulations governing transportation of liquid fuels; how inspections performed.
31-147 - Compliance with regulations by hotels, lodging facilities and restaurants.
31-148 - Inspection of building under jurisdiction of state penal director and division of institutional management.
31-150 - Fire safety and prevention; school buildings; construction, reconstruction or renovation requirements; accessibility to persons with a disability; building plans, certification; exceptions; rules and regulations.
31-150a - Violations of fire prevention code; criminal penalty; injunction.
31-157 - Fire marshal deputies and investigatory personnel; law enforcement powers, when; training required, exceptions.
31-158 - Fire safety and prevention; sale to or purchase by fire department of clothing or equipment which does not meet standards set by national fire protection association; penalty; definition.
31-159 - Violations of fire prevention code, administrative penalties.
31-160 - Smoke detectors; citation of act.
31-161 - Same; definitions.
31-162 - Same; installation of smoke detectors required; limitations on enforcement; certain evidence inadmissible; insurance payments not affected.
31-163 - Same; violations; penalties.
31-164 - Same; act in addition to local law.
31-165 - Toll-free number; hazardous materials incidents.
31-170 - Use of pyrotechnics; places of public assembly.
31-171 - Roofing material; wood shakes or wood shingles; restrictive covenants, unenforceable, when.