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2019 Statute


75-3225.Moving expenses of state officers and employees; payment of; rules and regulations. (a) The head of any state agency, as defined by K.S.A. 75-3701, and amendments thereto, desiring qualified applicants for any position in state service which requires professional, technical, managerial or unusual qualifications may agree in writing to reimburse such an applicant for all or part of the applicant's moving expenses as an inducement to the applicant to accept employment with the state agency or pay such moving expenses to a firm providing moving services. The prior approval of the governor shall be required if the applicant resides out-of-state. The amount to be paid for moving expenses shall not exceed the amount of the actual moving expenses as verified by receipts.

(b) When state officers and employees are transferred within a state agency or transferred between state agencies, the agency head may authorize the payment of in-state moving expenses of such state officers and employees. Such expenses shall not be paid when a transfer is made primarily for the convenience or benefit of the employee or at the employee's request, or when the transfer results in the new official duty station being less than 25 miles from the old station.

(c) Moving expenses may include, but not be limited to, the cost of packing and transporting household goods and personal effects, temporary storage costs on household goods and personal effects for a period not to exceed 30 days, subsistence expenses while en route from the old residence to the new residence, subsistence expenses while occupying temporary quarters in the new location and the expenses of one premove trip to look for a new residence. State officers, employees and applicants receiving moving expenses shall be required to sign an agreement that if they leave the employment of the state agency within one year from the moving date or employment date, whichever is later, they will reimburse the state agency the full amount so paid for moving expenses and the obligation to so repay shall constitute a lien and setoff by the state against such state officer, employee or applicant employee's unpaid wages or salary. Such moving expenses shall be paid from moneys available or appropriated to the state agency. The director of accounts and reports is authorized to issue warrants against the appropriate agency fund for payment of any such moving expense upon submission to the director of a duly itemized voucher therefor.

(d) Pursuant to K.S.A. 75-3706, and amendments thereto, the secretary of administration may adopt rules and regulations regarding the payment of moving expenses of state officers and employees under this section, including procedures, conditions and limitations of payments.

(e) Each state agency which has incurred expenses under this section shall report the amount of such expenses to the chairpersons of the committee on appropriations of the house of representatives and the committee on ways and means of the senate on or before January 10, 1998, and January 10, 1999.

History: L. 1997, ch. 115, § 1; July 1.