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May 24, 2024
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Minutes for HB2167 - Committee on Transportation

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Permitting concrete mixer trucks and requiring dump trucks to display license plates on the front of vehicles.

Minutes Content for Wed, Feb 3, 2021


Staff briefed the Committee on the bill contents. (Attachment 7)

Chairman Proehl recognized Jerry Younger as the first proponent.  (Attachment 8)  According to Mr. Younger, this bill would be an easy way to decrease the risk of damage to a license plate displayed on a concrete mixer truck by simply allowing it to be moved to a location on the truck while still maintaining the same degree of visibility but out of harms way.  Since there are both front and rear mixer trucks the "out of harms way" could be either the front or rear of the vehicle.

The Chairman recognized Justin Crain as the next proponent. (Attachment 9)  Mr. Younger read Mr. Crain's testimony as the Committee could not hear Mr. Crain from the remote location.  Mr.Crain testified that for his company it has been a relatively common occurrence for them to replace a tag due to damage or loss.  He said it is not only the expense of the replacement tag but it requires an employee to go physically order a new tag then wait for the tag to be mailed which is another expense.

Tom Whitaker was the last proponent recognized. (Attachment 10) Mr. Whitaker said this bill allows for a license plate issued for a concrete mixer truck to be attached on the front or rear of the vehicle and requires a license plate issued for a dump truck registered for a gross weight of 26,000 pounds or more to be displayed on the front of the vehicle.  He said as a contractor for the KS Department of Revenue Div. of Vehicles, they see daily these truck operators coming to get replacement tags. He said a Department of Revenue report showed that last year 1,819 license plates for trucks were replaced.

There were no other proponents, opponents or neutrals so after all questions were answered the Chairman closed the hearing on HB2167.


Announcements - Chairman Proehl advised the Committee that the next meeting will be on Tuesday, February 9th and the Committee will hear HB2015, HB2166, HB2169 and HB2194.


There being no further business before the Committee the meeting was adjourned.