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June 20, 2024
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Minutes for HB2150 - Committee on Judiciary

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Creating a definition of financial exploitation, requiring additional mandatory reporters and increasing investigation days in the abuse, neglect and financial exploitation of certain adults.

Minutes Content for Wed, Mar 17, 2021

Chairperson Patton opened the hearing on HB2150.  Natalie Scott provided an overview of the bill. (Attachment 24) Ms. Scott stood for questions.


Lindsie Ford testified in support of HB2150 (Attachment 25) stating Kansas Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence supports HB2150 as financial exploitation can happen to any person at any age. Financial exploitation undermines an individual's sense of trust, self-worth, and independence. Adults with intellectual disabilities and the elderly often have limited or fixed incomes. Financial exploitation for these individuals can be particularly devastating as they take significantly longer to fully recover their lost assets. Employment opportunities for the elderly or those with disabilities are not as readily available as they are for the young or able-bodied. Identifying and addressing financial exploitation as quickly as possible helps to minimize the long-term impacts of the exploitation.

Christy Khatib stated HB2150  (Attachment26) proposes changes to the statutes that regulate Kansas’ Adult Protective Services (APS) program. Department for Children and Families (DCF) requested and introduced this legislation in order to modernize APS practices, improve agency definitions, and support comprehensive APS investigations. HB2150 was passed favorably out of the House Children and Seniors Committee before being blessed and referred to the Judiciary Committee for further vetting. DCF strongly supports these client centered changes as it will allow for improved outcomes and service delivery for APS clients.


Proponents Written



Steven Karrer provided neutral testimony for HB2150 (Attachment 30) amends statutes related to the reporting, investigation, and findings conducted by the Department of Child and Families related to abuse neglect and exploitation of elder and dependent adults.  These investigations are civil in nature and are under the jurisdiction of DCF.  Because this process does not directly affect the operations of the Office of the Kansas Attorney General, he and the A.G.'s office are providing neutral testimony.

There were no more conferees to testify.

Chairperson Patton closed the hearing on HB2150.

Chairperson Patton adjourned the meeting at 5:15 pm.