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June 19, 2024
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Minutes for SB560 - Committee on Federal and State Affairs

Short Title

Enacting the medical marijuana regulation act to regulate the cultivation, processing, distribution, sale and use of medical marijuana.

Minutes Content for Wed, Mar 16, 2022

The Chairman opened the hearing and called upon Jason Long for a revisor overview of the bill.

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The Chairman called for testimony on the bill.

Proponent Sam Jones asserted that marijuana is safe for certain medical uses and that the bill would provided substantial economic benefits for Kansas. Mr. Jones explained that the bill takes advantage from mistakes from many other states and that it insures that Kansans benefit directly from the bill measures.

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Proponent Tuck Duncan emphasized that the trend of states passing medical cannabis is not a fad, but an appreciation for what it can do for people.

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Proponent Dr. James McEntire indicated that his goal is to get his patients legal access to quality medical marijuana for medical purposes. Dr. McEntire made a case for an urgent need for medical applications especially for veterans and those who suffer from chronic pain. Dr. McIntire also pointed out concerns about keeping the black market out of the state. A patient of Dr. McEntire's, Johnathan Lewis and a disabled veteran also briefly testified.

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Proponent Bob Corkins insisted that a true libertarian regulation of medical marijuana is the total decriminalization of associations with the substance. Mr. Corkins explored other aspects of the bill as they relate to libertarian principals most specifically the large licensing fees called for in the bill.

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Proponent Daniel Shafton applauded the committee for its work and suggested three adjustments: 1.) Lowering the limit of cost per 100 sq. ft. of cultivation; 2.) Lowering the rollout time: and 3.) Avoiding an undue burden on Kansans trying to become patients.

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Proponent Orland Yee explained the importance and function of technology to automate the track and trace the seed-to-sale processes.

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Proponent Heather Steppe who urged common sense regulations offered four suggestions for the bill: 1.) The lowering of the license fees; 2.) The limiting how much market share one entiy or person can control; 3.) Protect from allowing only large organizations from controlling the Kansas market; 4.) and  then she commented on the expungement + a 10 year waiting period.

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Proponent Shelby Story expressed concerns about the provision's unlimited license market and pointed to the example of problems in other states that he opined that unlimited license policies have caused.

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Proponent Jack Mitchell addressed issues regarding residence requirements, high license costs, patient access, medical group restrictions, seed-to-sale and university Research programs.

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Committee questions and comments ensued.

Written-Only Proponent:

Chris Smith, Canna

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Christina Frommer, Canna

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Delores Halbin, Self

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Cheryl Kumberg, Kansas Cannabis Coalition

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Victoria Cromwell, Evolution Magazine

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Rick Everitt, Self

(Attachment 17)

Amy Reid, Kansas Cannabis Association

(Attachment 18)

Heath Martin, Kan Canna

(Attachment 19)

Currie Myers, Johnson County Kansas Sheriff's Department

(Attachment 20)

Rob Hodgkinson, Libertarian Party of Kansas

(Attachment 21)

Lisa Everitt, Self

(Attachment 22)

Jennifer Holmes, Self

(Attachment 23)

Matt Cascio, RN

(Attachment 24)

Clayton Stallings, The Evolution Magazine

(Attachment 25)

Russell Brien, Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation

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Mark Luthi, Self

(Attachment 27)

Annette Thomas, Self

(Attachment 28)

Tracy Morris, Self

(Attachment 29)

Clay Bullard, Self

(Attachment 30)

Chris Martin, Self

(Attachment 31)

Sarah Stephens, Tallgrass Hemp and Cannabis

(Attachment 32)

Cody Pierson, Pack Rat Smoker

(Attachment 33)

Kelly Rippel, Self

(Attachment 34)

Kyle James, Disabled Veteran

(Attachment 35)

April Hatch, RN

(Attachment 36)

The Chairman recognizing the time restraints of the meeting room suspended the meeting to be resumed the next day.