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May 25, 2024
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SB 14

AN ACT concerning governmental response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Kansas; providing certain relief related to health, welfare, property and economic security during this public health emergency; relating to the state of disaster emergency; powers of the governor and executive officers; providing certain limitations and restrictions; authorizing the temporary sale of alcoholic liquor for consumption off of certain licensed premises; authorizing the expanded use of telemedicine in response to the COVID-19 public health emergency and imposing requirements related thereto; suspending certain requirements related to medical care facilities and expiring such provisions; providing for temporary suspension of certain healthcare professional licensing and practice requirements; delegation and supervision requirements; conditions of licensure and renewal and reinstatement of licensure; relating to limitations on business liability associated with the COVID-19 public health emergency; amending K.S.A. 2019 Supp. 48-925, as amended by section 34 of chapter 1 of the 2020 Special Session Laws of Kansas and 48-925, as amended by section 34 of chapter 1 of the 2020 Special Session Laws of Kansas, as amended by section 4 of this act, and K.S.A. 2020 Supp. 41-2653, 48-924, 48-924b, 48-925a, 48-963, 48-965, 48-966 and 60-5504 and repealing the existing sections.

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House - Emergency Final Action - Passed; - 01/21/2021

On roll call the vote was:

Yea - (119):

Alcala, Amyx, Anderson, Arnberger, Awerkamp, Baker, Ballard, Barker, Bergkamp, Bergquist, Blex, Borjon, Burris, Byers, Carlin, Carlson, Carmichael, B. Carpenter, W. Carpenter, Clark, Clayton, Coleman, Collins, Concannon, Corbet, Croft, Curtis, Day, Delperdang, Dodson, Donohoe, Eplee, Esau, Estes, Fairchild, Featherston, Finch, Finney, Francis, Garber, Gartner, Haswood, Hawkins, Helgerson, Helmer, Henderson, Highberger, Highland, Hoffman, Hoheisel, Houser, Howard, Howe, Hoye, Huebert, Humphries, Jacobs, Jennings, S. Johnson, T. Johnson, Kelly, Kuether, Landwehr, Lee, Long, Lynn, Mason, Miller, Minnix, Moser, Murphy, Neelly, Neighbor, Newland, Ohaebosim, Orr, Ousley, Owens, Parker, Patton, Penn, Poetter Parshall, Poskin, Probst, Proctor, Proehl, Rahjes, Ralph, Resman, Rhiley, L. Ruiz, S. Ruiz, Ryckman, Samsel, Sanders, Sawyer, Schreiber, Seiwert, A. Smith, C. Smith, E. Smith, Stogsdill, Sutton, Tarwater, Thomas, Thompson, Toplikar, Turner, Vaughn, Victors, Waggoner, Wasinger, Waymaster, Wheeler, Williams, Winn, Wolfe Moore, Woodard, Xu,

Nay - (3):

Bishop, Burroughs, French,

Present but not Voting - (0):

Absent and Not Voting - (3):

Ellis, Kessler, Weigel,

Not Voting - (0):