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July 23, 2024
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2021 Statute

Section Number

58-2201 - Who deemed seized and possessed of lands.
58-2202 - Term "heirs" not necessary to estate in fee simple; what shall pass in conveyance of real estate.
58-2203 - Form of warranty deed.
58-2204 - Form of quitclaim deed.
58-2205 - How conveyances executed and acknowledged.
58-2206 - Corporation conveyances executed prior to 1887 validated.
58-2207 - Title acquired after conveyance passes to grantee, when.
58-2208 - Adverse possession; interest may be conveyed notwithstanding.
58-2209 - Conveyance of real estate; signature required.
58-2210 - Creation of trusts or powers, how executed.
58-2211 - Acknowledgment of instrument relating to real estate.
58-2214 - Unacknowledged deed; proof of execution and delivery.
58-2215 - Same; before whom proof made.
58-2216 - Same; certificate, contents.
58-2217 - How certificates must be given.
58-2218 - False statement and certificate; penalty.
58-2219 - Subpoena of witnesses.
58-2221 - Recordation of instruments conveying or affecting real estate; duties of register of deeds.
58-2222 - Same; filing imparts notice.
58-2223 - Same; unrecorded instrument valid only between parties having actual notice.
58-2224 - Recordation of instruments, papers or documents; making of photographic or microphotographed copies deemed recording and record books, when.
58-2228 - Validity of instruments acknowledged in other states.
58-2229 - Instruments as evidence.
58-2230 - Same; certified copies as evidence, when; authenticated copies from other states; recordation.
58-2231 - Instruments recorded prior to 1868 as notice.
58-2232 - Certificate, record or transcript not conclusive evidence.
58-2233 - Previous acts not invalidated.
58-2234 - Validation of acknowledgments made by register of deeds.
58-2235 - Record of defective instruments made prior to 1887 as notice.
58-2236 - Record of defective instruments made prior to 1901 as notice.
58-2237 - Certain defective instruments validated after being on record ten years; instrument, record or copy as evidence.
58-2238 - Escheats of alien's property to state forfeited, when.
58-2239 - County clerk to keep transfer record; separate records for tax-exempt lands.
58-2240 - Furnishing of information on transfer record to appraiser.
58-2241 - Duty of register of deeds to enter instruments on transfer record.
58-2242a - Decree or judgment changing ownership or title to real estate; entry upon transfer records.
58-2247 - Title by adverse possession of land for public park.
58-2248 - Recording title to lands patented by state to railroads.
58-2249 - Protection of bona fide purchasers of Indian land.
58-2252 - Validating defective assignments and releases of trust deeds.
58-2253 - Action to set aside defective assignment or releases of trust deeds or to foreclose; time limit.
58-2254 - Time for bringing actions to enforce claims and liens filed in register of deed's office; exception.
58-2255 - Validating certain defective and irregular guardians' deeds recorded prior to March 2, 1888.
58-2255a - Validating certain defective and irregular guardians' deeds recorded after March 1, 1888, and prior to April 1, 1919.
58-2256 - Failure to return to owners certain instruments pertaining to real estate; demand.
58-2257 - Instruments pertaining to real estate; failure to return to owners; remedies.
58-2258 - Records of deeds destroyed by fire in Elk county; validation; time for presenting proof of invalidity.
58-2259 - Recorded deeds executed pursuant to district or probate court proceedings in Dickinson county prior to January 17, 1882, validated; time for attacking.
58-2260 - Validating certain Riley county probate court recorded deeds and instruments executed prior to July 12, 1951; time for attacking.
58-2261 - Same; validating certain recorded judgments or orders rendered prior to July 12, 1951; time for attacking.
58-2262 - Validating certain proceedings prior to January 1, 1948, and certain deeds recorded prior to July 1, 1948; time for attacking.
58-2263 - Validating certain instruments recorded prior to January 1, 1944.
58-2264 - Insurance charges other than premiums on insurance written in connection with transactions unlawful.
58-2265 - Same; instrument requiring insurance; disclosure of insurance information.
58-2266 - Same; definitions.
58-2267 - Same; construction of act.
58-2268 - Same; penalties for violations.
58-2269 - Validation of certain deeds executed to convey certain real estate purchased by county in tax foreclosure actions and later sold by county.
58-2271 - Abandoned pipeline easements; release, failure to file, remedy.
58-2272 - Instruments conveying interest involving wind or solar resources and technologies.
58-2273 - Instruments purporting to cover mineral or royalty rights not owned by grantor; "mother hubbard" or other cover-all clauses.
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